New Recordings for DIAMONDBACK

Making Lots of Progress on the Album

I’m starting to get a good track-list going and I expect to get the album out soon. There was recently a full moon in Leo this past weekend and I couldn’t agree more that I am in a better position to work towards my goals and assert myself, although I tend to be very shy (this supposedly applies to most everyone). I read about astrology sometimes, although the most useful is probably current astronomical events and I may mention them in the blog, because it’s interesting to me.

Sage Suede is inclusive

I think it’s important that I establish the kind of person I am, because I want Sage Suede to be an inclusive musical act and even if people have prejudices, they will have to accept that it’s just going to be egalitarian at my concerts. I also kind of have to establish some rapport with all the bad apples out there that make people stereotype me poorly.

To be honest, I have done a lot over the past few months to help society. I don’t claim to be the only voice advocating for things such as these, but if I hadn’t idk what kind of world we’d be living in right now. I am hoping things stay relatively peaceful, but I’m not going to make myself a target either, that’s why a lot of the more controversial content is temporary.

About the Magic stuff

I also believe in magic. I guess that may be weird to a lot of people but a good way to explain it to non-believers is in terms of that book The Secret. Basically, the book says that what you put out into the world is what you receive and that’s essentially the same thing as pretty much every magical practice and religion (i.e. prayer). I research all that stuff because I find it interesting, so I talk about it in my music. You don’t have to believe it and I’m not going to go into much detail on stuff like this, but I might briefly mention stuff about magic, or different aspects of religions, because I think it’s really cool.

Happy Valentinesday! I’m spending it alone with myself. #metime #selflove

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Songs Re-visited

So I returned to my alma mater, Northeastern University, recently for this recording session and recorded a few tracks. I am attaching these two to this post because it’s Valentinesday and I want some of the more romantic songs to be out there while all of us single people eat chocolate and maybe cry. If you have someone to lick your toes (for lack of a more interesting semi-erotic metaphor), then that’s great and I hope you have a great day too!

Sexy in That Sweater

You can also find the original here. It’s about a friend that used to wear sweaters all the time and we were always thrifting for sweaters. I kept thrifting for sweaters afterwards, because we were really close and she taught me about how great the tactile aspect of sweaters are. I was hesitant to mention this initially but it’s really supposed to be about what a great person she is. We were best friends for a long time and I miss that. I want her to know she’s awesome even when other people suck, because she can always rock a sweater. The part where I say “please don’t take it off” is a metaphor for not wanting to lose someone. I don’t mind being distant, because I have a lot of good friends that I don’t see often, but in terms of the song it’s just my emotions, as I wrote it when we weren’t living in the same state anymore.

Lazy Sunday with You

You can find the video version here. I never made an audio version of this so I’m releasing one now. I don’t think I wrote this about any person in particular and it’s more of a general song about the connection you have with people when you are in a relationship and that feeling you have when you first fall in love. I mention auras in the song. Supposedly babies, young kids, many animals and gurus can see them easily. It doesn’t come too easily to me, as I’ve always had an easier time feeling than seeing things. There’s even a wikihow article on it if it interests you.

Anyways, I will try not to be too controversial, I just find that stuff interesting so I mention it sometimes. I may make a few edits to some of the removed tracks. I’m trying to finish up DIAMONDBACK soon and I hope that you’ll like it. It’s been a lifetime of hard work and experience that’s finally starting to come to fruition.

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