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Scum of Yesterday

This song is about being independent of anger that has come about from negativity. We all have things that happen in our lives that we have to deal with and this song is oriented with dismissing that negativity. I first wrote it about this girl that stole my work and then screwed me over. It […]

New Recordings for DIAMONDBACK

Making Lots of Progress on the Album I’m starting to get a good track-list going and I expect to get the album out soon. There was recently a full moon in Leo this past weekend and I couldn’t agree more that I am in a better position to work towards my goals and assert myself, […]

BIG Cats Out There Are Loving This

Sage Suede – BIG Cats Out There Are Loving This I used to have a page on this site for submissions and feedback, but I took it down because it wasn’t useful. One of my friends responded on Facebook though and requested “more smoked salmon,” so I incorporated it in the lyrics of this song. […]

O Pirata Digital

I wanted to write a song about pirates, because I have a costume I can use in a video from Halloween a few years ago. I already came up with a cool video concept for this and am speaking with friends to try and find two cast members and a video person. This was mostly […]

This Blog Post is NOT Art

A Little About Me I was born during a record low snowstorm in Ohio. I don’t really remember living there, but I’ve seen photos. I was a Cesarean section because there was a risk of brain damage, if done incorrectly. I won’t go into all of that, but I had good timing. I was 11 […]

Lazy Sunday with You

I don’t feel like this song needs much intro and can usually just play into it without saying anything. I’m a huge fan of @TulsiGabbard and signed the bill to stop arming terrorists. Americans need politicians like Tulsi at the top.☀️ — S͞A͞G͞E͞ S͞U͞E͞D͞E͞ (@Sage_Suede) January 14, 2017 Sage Suede – Lazy Sunday with You […]

Sexy Scorpião

This song is written for scorpios, because the sign does not have the best reputation (in some parts of the world), so I made this song to improve that. I’ve also had several relationships with scorpios and I think it’s the sexiest zodiac sign. My tattoo has no relation and I got it before ever […]

Gonna Miss These Kids

This song is about my childhood, specifically what high school parties were like. I don’t go into much detail, but I had a lot of cool friends and this song is me reminiscing. At the end of the song I talk about history. The first party my friends and I organized, we were writing hundreds […]


This song helps release negativity When I first write things, it is generally about me and my feelings, so this is the same way, but edited to make more sense for a general audience. Repeating the words in this song is intended to release negativity. By the end of the song, you’ll be really apathetic and over […]

sage suede mirror
Arbitrarily-Drawn Boundaries

We exist on our own. I’m real and I don’t need someone else or another person’s perspective to determine my existence. We all experience discrimination and the best way to overcome bigotry is to discuss things from all perspectives. The entire concept of race, is based on arbitrarily drawn boundaries, as we all have origins that […]

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