Ab Tips by Sage Suede

Twitter said I should give them Ab Tips #Poll Should I write a blog post with tips for toning your abs? — sᴀɢᴇ sᴜᴇᴅᴇ (@Sage_Suede) October 3, 2018 When I Was Younger, I Didn’t Have Abs, Because People Don’t Need Them Ab workouts will help to tone you core, which helps with general movement and […]


SUPER PETTY IS A SUPER HERO PARODY SERIES ON YOUTUBE Super Petty is a super hero. He like so totally has immense power at his disposal (sort of like superman), but he is also super petty. This YouTube comedy series is a super hero parody. He like totally saves tons of lives when he has […]

Why Your Astrological Sign Is Probably Wrong

I Have Read a Little Bit About Astrology, so I Thought I’d Share Some Magic As an example, here is my natal chart. It has tidbits for anyone that is skilled in reading them. The outer rings are astrological signs and the inner symbols are the planets in each degree. There are also some sub-planets […]

2018 Freebies & Bangers

A picture of me with my friend Simone Riviera Takin a Sip You’ll like the smooth synths and the deep bass in ElectroPapi EP. My vocals have improved very noticeably. On DIAMONDBACK Demo, my vocal style had a lot of variation and my rhythms were mostly metered. I did use off-beat and syncopated rhythms on […]

Shop Sage Suede & ElectroPapi EP

Welcome to my new store Shop Sage Suede! I will be adding fashion, street wear, accessories and other wonderful things to the store. I am currently working with suppliers on setting this up. ElectroPapi EP I am working on a new release called ElectroPapi EP. It will be 4-6 tracks and features a futuristic electro […]

Sage Suede DIAMONDBACK – Acoustic Electro Rock

My debut demo is free through the store on this site. Here are the blog posts for every track: How Can I Cleopatra – snake queen BIG Cats out there Are Loving This The Digital Pirate Sexy in that Sweater Lazy Sunday with You (Shaky Lips) The Scum of Yesterday The Demons want Cash Flow […]

Bird Girl

I wrote this about my first relationship in college. It’s about both being in a romantic relationship, as well as strong, independent women. I prefer strong women, because I appreciate intelligence. Queen Elizabeth I is the kind of role model young women need. — S͞A͞G͞E͞ S͞U͞E͞D͞E͞ (@Sage_Suede) July 23, 2017 I don’t think this […]

How Can I call you my lover Sage Suede
How Can I

I wrote this song about millennial dating. Nowadays, most people meet through dating apps and it is great to meet someone worthwhile, but oftentimes they are already talking to other people before they even meet you. So it’s optimistic to even expect dating to go anywhere when you meet someone from an app. Of course, […]

Demons Want Cash Flow

There are a lot of 7s in today’s date so what better time to talk about this song. I don’t plan to perform it, but I included it on the album so that people would know that I was coming from a hard place. I had to overcome a lot of depression and anxiety in […]

Bring my Diamondback

Sage Suede is 2 years old! Yesterday marks the two year anniversary of the founding of this site. I released my first album DIAMONDBACK in May. You can find it through Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and N1M. I am still the #1 indie artist on N1M in the Boston area, which is a […]