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About Sage Suede

“His soothing and perfectly timed flow comes layered atop an innovative and surely pioneering soundscape.”

finest of EDM

Sage Suede is a solo musician in Austin, TX. He produces all of his music and writes lyrics in several languages. Oftentimes, Sage Suede can be found creating Hip Hop mixes that fuse Pop, Alternative, EDM, Baile Funk & Reggaeton.

His premiere EP, “Electropapi” was released in 2019 featuring alternative, soulful vocals with a mix of Electropop and Reggaeton. on June 26th, 2020, Sage Suede released his debut “Thicc Juicy Bass” to critical acclaim; on T.J.B., he raps seductively in English, Spanish & Portuguese.

Only 2 months after dropping Thicc Juicy Bass, Sage Suede released a popular Hip Hop EP collab with Dazmin D’leon called “Glossy”. He has continued working with her and their new music podcast (Dazzlin Stage Music) will drop in July, 2021.

“SAGE SUEDE balances between electro and hip-hop as he layers his sick and skilled flow on an EDM inspired beat.”

– Late Night Stereo

Sage Suede is world- renowned for musical prowess and modeling. As a musician, he is known for being a polyglot poet with edgy delivery of high-quality and unique musical production. 

“On ‘Sizzle Dee Sipper,’ the multi-talented star, singer, and producer is expressing his different talents as an artist who can deliver strong and juicy flow… The ultramodern beat filled with synths and drops”

– Pop It Records

“Sage Suede with his flawless flow describes his fantasies and adventures. As he raps on the fire layered beat, the audience experiences a journey to the universe of an uncommon mix of EDM, HipHop, and Pop.”

Three of Five

Compared to the mainstream, it is astounding that none of the songs on THICC JUICY BASS sound the same, or even use similar instrumentation. Sage Suede could be the future of popular music. Very few artists in history have ever had the musical chops or the diligence to self-produce work of such artistic breadth & variety, in such a short period of time. Sage Suede is taking the world by storm with THICC JUICY BASS and will be a household name in no time.

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What Does Sage Suede Do?

Sage Suede creates just about everything for his music, utilizing professional marketing prowess and a lifetime of musical experimentation. At present, he fulfills these responsibilities solo:

  • Multi-Lingual Lyric writing
  • Music Production
  • Instrumentals – Guitar & Keyboards
  • Pop Rock Vocals
  • Audio Editing
  • Male Modeling
  • Dancing/Performing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Social Media
  • Content Creation
  • Shop Order Fulfillment
  • Basic Video Editing


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Recording vocals for ElectroPapi EP in my closet.

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