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SAGE SUEDE is the preeminent pioneer of electronic pop fusions in Austin, TX. He produces music, art directs, and writes music in many languages. Sage has achieved worldwide notoriety through modeling and music performances, such as at The Viper Room (Hollywood), Globe Hall (Denver), Sahara Lounge (Austin) & North American Music Merchants conference. He has also self-published a series of psychothriller novelettes and autobiographical writings on Amazon.

Thicc Juicy Bass was recorded and produced by SAGE at home and he collaborated with a Canadian design studio to create 3D music vids that were featured in The Gallery ATX.

In 2021, Sage Suede released Foolin Around; the visual album features Devin Alfather and music videos of sword twirling, fire swallowing & colorful smoke grenades. There is also an underwear modeling lyric book.

In 2022, he released the albums Renegade (alt rock pop) and Savage Summer (reggaeton pop). Notable singles include Weed Cookies with Italian producer Claudio Ferrone and You Go Girl with Dazmin D’leon in LA. The single New Diet was popping with collaborators Honey-B-Sweet in Australia & Girlxhighlight in Lagos. Over Christmas, his nudes leaked in tabloid The Daily Star UK, Croatian and Vietnamese publications.

In 2023, SAGE performed with Dazmin at Globe Hall, which produced the Duo and solo live albums.

The album Dirty Blonde was released in 2023 and the radio edit in 2024. Sage continued to perform the album across the country, followed by the albums Drop the Beat & Breath of Fresh Synth.