About The Musician Sage Suede

Sage Suede is an indie musician and solo entrepreneur located in Austin, TX. Sage Suede started this website in March 2015 and released his debut DIAMONDBACK Demo in May 2017. A year in the making, the mind-blowing follow up, ElectroPapi EP, is slated for release in early 2019.

Sage Suede currently exists 100% independently and is registered as an LLC in the state of Texas. He took on 2 marketing internships and 2 co-ops in college to get into Marketing in pursuit of a music career. He holds a BSBA from Northeastern University in Boston, which he attended on Deans scholarship. Sage Suede started college as a Sophomore with 32 credit hours and created this blog in his 3rd year. Most of DIAMONDBACK Demo was recorded in Northeastern’s Snell Library, which is free for students to reserve.

Sage has been a musician for his entire life. He started drums at a young age and later took on clarinet, bass clarinet, guitar and piano. Sage Suede started self-teaching himself beat production in middle school and systematically developed his hobbies throughout his lifetime. In order to become Sage Suede, he also performed in musical theatre, at nursing homes, memorial services, theatre productions, classical & marching band performances, and modeled runway. He has always been incredibly diligent and continues to work towards his personal vision of success.

Sage Suede also started modeling for complimentary experience during college and this led him to start his own fashion brand, which can be found on SageSuede.com/Shop.

The First original product by Sage Suede is a snapback hat, available for purchase in Sage Shopping!


Sage Suede is supportive of his local, national and international communities. He values his fans of all backgrounds and advocates for equality, within an egalitarian mindset.

Sage Suede believes in:

  • Gender equality
  • Racial equality
  • Sexual equality for LGBTQIAPK
  • Religious freedoms
  1. 01 - Bird Girl 2:51
  2. 02 - Cleopatra (snake queen) 2:34
  3. 03 - How Can I 2:23
  4. 04 - Un Photo De Toi Nu 3:02
  5. 05 - Sexy in that Sweater 2:22
  6. 06 - Lazy Sunday with You (Shaky Lips) 2:03
  7. 07 - It's Alright (Fall in Love Again) 3:53
  8. 08 - Uh Huh 2:48
  9. 09 - Bring my Diamondback 3:39