About Sage Suede

Sage Suede is an American singer-songwriter and record producer from Austin, Texas. He is experimental and creates music that can be classified as hip hop, electropop, alternative & reggaeton. He started SageSuede.com in 2015, while attending college in Boston.

Sage Suede’s early music can be described as experimental electro & alternative. He released his debut DIAMONDBACK Demo in 2017, followed by the fan-exclusive 2018 Freebies & Bangers – both of these releases are now free to download here.

In early 2019, he released the compilation record RAWR mixtape, followed by an inventive hip hop EP titled ElectroPapi:

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Early life:

Sage Suede was born in Columbus Ohio and moved to Austin, Texas before kindergarten. He often listened to music including indie pop, alt rock, hip hop and electro from all over the world. Friends of Sage describe him as an independent & creative-minded overachiever.

From a young age, Sage created poetry, studied piano, drums & beat production in Ableton Live. His passion for music continued to develop through concert & marching band where he had classical training in clarinet & bass clarinet; afterwards, he gained experience in jazz piano & guitar, musical theatre and ballroom dance.

After graduating top of class from Cedar Park High School in North Austin, Sage Suede attended Northeastern University in Boston. He graduated in 2015 with a BSBA in Business Administration & became a marketing professional. While attending classes full-time on scholarship, Sage Suede created this website, became an experienced model and recorded his debut demo in Snell Library Recording Studios. He chose his name because of personal interests in fashion and magical traditions, which are still prominent in his music.

“I go by Sage Suede, because music is a spiritual experience and a Sage is a spiritual leader; I wanted to capture a style that is like the material suede, which is smooth but also a little rough & edgy.”

Music career:

In 2017, Sage Suede began his career as an electro-alternative artist with the underground release of DIAMONDBACK Demo. As a solo artist, he developed his online presence and registered as an LLC in November of 2018 before creating his fashion shop. In 2019, he announced his first extended play, ElectroPapi EP – a modern electropop record with thick drums & pounding bass.

Above: screenshot from Sage Suede’s performance, during a drag class.
Above: screenshot from Sage Suede’s performance, during a SXSW Hip Hop Showcase.

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Sage Suede is supportive of his local, national and international communities. He values his fans of all backgrounds and advocates for equality, within an egalitarian mindset.

Sage Suede believes in:

  • Gender equality
  • Racial equality
  • Sexual equality for LGBTQIAPK
  • Religious freedoms

What Does Sage Suede Do?

Sage Suede creates just about everything for his music, utilizing professional marketing prowess and a lifetime of musical experimentation. At present, he fulfills these responsibilities solo:

  • Multi-Lingual Lyric writing
  • Music Production
  • Instrumentals – Guitar & Keyboards
  • Pop Rock Vocals
  • Audio Editing
  • Male Modeling
  • Dancing/Performing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Social Media
  • Content Creation
  • Shop Order Fulfillment
  • Basic Video Editing


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Recording vocals for ElectroPapi EP in my closet.

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  1. Soft Serve Chillin SAGE SUEDE 4:36
  2. On Your Lips SAGE SUEDE 3:59
  3. Short Skirt SAGE SUEDE 3:06
  4. ElectroPapi SAGE SUEDE 4:36
  5. Be my Boo SAGE SUEDE 3:02
  6. Un Photo De Toi Nu SAGE SUEDE 3:02
  7. Lazy Sunday with You (Shaky Lips) SAGE SUEDE 2:03
  8. How Can I SAGE SUEDE 2:23