Sage Suede – Demoback Here are a few demos from Diamondback. It’s challenging combining electric guitar with electronic beats because it can easily be overpowering. Then I have problems with wanting to play guitar in complicated rhythms that I can’t do while singing at the same time. I used a drum machine app for Cleopatra […]

Julep (Acoustic Version)

Sage Suede – Julep (Acoustic Version) Sage Suede recorded an acoustic version of the song Julep from the upcoming album Diamondback. You can see it below and on my YouTube channel. I am still evolving a lot as an artist and even as this was recorded a few days ago my sound has changed a lot. Recently, […]

It’s Alright (Fall in Love Again)

Sage Suede – It’s Alright (Fall in Love Again) Sage Suede started running again this week and Sage has already run 15 miles. Sage Suede just got back from the Boston Pride 2015 parade and Squeezebox Slam 2015 and is exhausted. Sage Suede finished up It’s Alright (Fall in Love Again). Love is something that it’s unfortunate […]

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Pretty Eyes

Sage Suede – Pretty Eyes The first song Sage Suede recorded was Pretty Eyes. Pretty Eyes is about a girl Sage Suede used to date and things ended abruptly. Sorry that’s so vague… Sage Suede wrote it after going to the club with his roommate Erdem. Sage Suede was messaging her while we were there […]