Excerpted from author Corie Johnson, Lead Designer of ZenBusiness

Join us today as we interview one of our users, a multi-talented artist named Sage Suede. Listen to his music on Soundcloud here:

“My name is Corie, and I’m with ZenBusiness. Today I’m here with Sage Suede. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?”

Hi, my name’s Sage Suede. I’m a local musician and model in Austin, Texas. I’ve had my brand for a few years now. I started in 2015 and I just started a fashion brand for it. I formalized my business recently as an LLC with ZenBusiness.

“That’s really cool. You said that you were doing clothes, as well, so is this kind of like a lifestyle brand that you’re working on?”

I’d say it’s a lifestyle brand. I do a kind of a streetwear style because I want more of that fusion, and I have a lot of inspiration when it comes to casual clothing. I feel like I have a pretty good perspective as someone that’s been involved in modeling, and most of my clothes from thrift stores; that actually gives me a very variable style.

Sage Suede’s new hat:

“What were you doing before you started your business?”

Before I started my business I was in college. I made a demo while I was in college at the recording studio there, and currently I’m still working full time in marketing because I jumped into this, without so much capital. I’m learning on my way since I do pretty much everything myself.

“That’s how things go sometimes. So, your business as Sage Suede, what inspired you to start this business? You said you were in marketing and then you were doing some modeling, but what really made you think, ‘Oh, man, this is where I want to head?'”

It’s kind of always been my long-term pursuit and a passion project of mine. As a kid I played drums and piano and guitar and clarinet and I started teaching myself beat production in sixth grade. It’s just something I’ve been doing for my whole life, and it’s reached a point where it sounds a lot better than it used to. I have reached a lot of challenges along the way with developing the music. With most artists nowadays on the radio, they have 40 people on an album or more and everybody’s expecting you to be at this quality level and it’s really a challenge to get there. I do feel I’m very close to that level, if not at that level. Now after having made my demo my new EP is going to be really good because I really honed in on those skills.

“I think that artists these days almost have a task force behind them. There’s all the social media aspects and the online aspects, so it’s really hard to do by yourself. So I think it’s very admirable that you’re doing that.”

Nowadays they kind of expect artists to reach a pretty big level before they’ll even sign them on or consider them anymore.

“You were talking about how this was something you’ve done for quite a while in your life. What made you decide to formalize it? You formed an LLC with us, right? What made you think: ‘This project is something that I should actually formalize and get the business.’ I don’t know if you got an EIN, but did you open a bank account and everything? What made you decide, ‘This is the moment I need to formalize my business?'”

There’s more than a few reasons. One of the main reasons was I’ve been Sage Suede online for about two years… I chose an LLC because I didn’t want my personal assets to be incorporated in the business. I’m starting a business, and I have to take a loss while I’m starting it and I can’t tie my entire life to it.

“Do you have a full digital storefront or do you sell anywhere in person in Austin?”

It’s all digital at the moment. I’m going to start selling it as merch at performances, but I’m waiting on the performances ’til I finish my EP. I did a lot when I was still in Boston, but when I moved back to Austin I didn’t even have a car, so I had to take off more time. Now I want to finish the EP first because it’s so much higher quality. Then I will I start performing again.

“That’s understandable. We kind of talked about what inspired you, but did you have any particular people or artists that inspired you when you started to get into music?”

That’s a hard question because there are so many different kinds of artists. My perspective is very global because I’m a polyglot, so I speak German, Portuguese, Spanish, a little Russian, and I’m all over the place with that. Languages have always been a passion of mine since I was a kid. A lot of my favorite artists are foreign bands, and I listen to music from all over the place. My perspective is very different from where most people perceive music.

There’s a lot of aspects that I really want to incorporate in my music. I do really enjoy hip-hop because the drums are very good. I would love to incorporate some more of that Brazilian style of drumming. I really like electronic music, so I’m very influenced by French electro, German electro house, and all kinds of stuff all over the world and that just all comes together as what I ended up putting out.

“I look forward to hearing your new EP.”

“What were you most afraid of when you started this venture? What really was scary for you?”

That’s a hard question. It’s changed a lot over time. When I first started I was pretty scared of performing. I had a lot of stage fright. I did some classical music training as a kid. I was in band and I made it to area band for two years. I ended up quitting after my sophomore year of high school, but I was very serious about it. I practiced for five hours a day, but the problem was that I would get really nervous in front of people. Everybody always told me I was a state-quality musician, but I would always choke at the performances on stage. What I realized over time is that I actually do have a lot of performance experience. It’s not really something for me to be worried about. It’s still something to be a little bit nervous about, but it’s just because I actually care about how well I’m doing.

“I think even super famous people who go on stage still get that moment of anxiety. At least I hope they do. Otherwise, they’re god level; they’re too cool.”

That adrenaline is a good thing.

“Maybe they can focus on it and use that. For you what was the most difficult part of starting your business?”

I’ve had to do just about everything. It’s really challenging because I work full time in marketing and I’ve learned how to build websites during my marketing internships. I started audio editing really young, so I’ve gotten pretty good at it by now, but if you look at my demo, there’s still errors. I’ve gotten to this point by just consistently working towards it. Web design did take me awhile. I’m still having some issues with it.

“It is hard, let me tell you. As a designer myself! It is a long road.”

I had to learn graphic design. The new clothes I’m doing, I’m designing them. It is taking some time. I think it’s a time commitment, always additional time in my day. I really love doing it, so it’s worth the time, and I really want more people to see it. That’s part of the challenge, getting that open and available to everyone.

“Can you tell me what advice would you give to other entrepreneurs or other people who are just starting out their own businesses? In music or otherwise.”

I’d say, especially in music, don’t give up on what you’re doing because the business is really just a combination of all your time and your effort and everything you’re doing. Being all about the profit isn’t really correct for your business because most new businesses don’t profit for three years to five years after the formation. As you’re starting don’t let anybody talk you down, especially if you’re a musician. Your music isn’t going to suit everybody’s tastes, even if you’re the biggest musician in the world! You really have to let people say whatever they want about your stuff, but don’t take it personally because a lot of them will probably change their minds at times, or they might like another song of yours.

How has your life changed since you started this business?

I’ve had it informally for a long time. I’m happier with it now that it’s formalized, it shows how serious I am and that it is a full thing that I’m investing in and it’s not just a side project when I have the money behind it. It’s motivated me more to keep working towards it just because of the additional costs. And I have about 50,000 followers already so…

“WHAT! I didn’t know that. That’s crazy. Congratulations.”

It’s mostly Instagram. Part of the challenge is getting people that are on different social sites to see what else I have or to go to my shop and all that. They want to like you as much as they can when they’re around on your social sites, but they don’t necessarily see anything else you make. So that’s part of the challenge.

“Especially Instagram because it’s so visual, and, as an artist or as a music artist, that’s a whole other issue. But I guess they have video now, too.”

I’m still trying to find good ways to schedule videos. It’s always been difficult.

“What’s the next thing for your business – your artistic vision?”

I’m finishing up my EP; it’s called Electro Papi EP. It’s almost done. I’m about halfway done. I haven’t figured out how many tracks I’m going to do, but I’m thinking probably six tracks. I have a demo that’s already out. If you want to download that, that’s on my website. I also have 15 other free songs you get if you join my email list. I’m going to send one of the songs that’s from the upcoming EP so you guys can listen to it in this interview. I also have a YouTube channel, So listen to my music there. I have a comedy series, and I talk about magic from different cultures all over the world, if that’s something that interests you. It’s something that interests me.

“You have another whole section on YouTube that’s about magic, and a comedy series?”

One of them is a superhero parody series where I’m a superhero, but he’s super petty, so he doesn’t really save people very often. I’m also going to start doing clothing giveaways as I add new products to my website. I’ll give away one item of clothing to someone that wins the raffle.

Entrants can sign up for my email list here and then they express interest in giveaways during the contest period:

The first giveaway is the hat I wore during this interview:

“Is there anything else you wanted to share with us today or anybody listening to this podcast? Maybe young artists, anything else you want to tell them?”

Definitely don’t give up on your dreams if you are a person in music. I do think it’s worth it to get an LLC just to separate your personal assets. ZenBusiness can be a really good way to do that since they’re a local Austin business and they don’t charge you a filing fee.

“Thank you so much for coming in today. I really appreciate it. And everybody who is out there please make sure you check out Sage Suede.”

Thanks for having me.


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Why Your Astrological Sign Is Probably Wrong

I Have Read a Little Bit About Astrology, so I Thought I’d Share Some Magic

As an example, here is my natal chart. It has tidbits for anyone that is skilled in reading them. The outer rings are astrological signs and the inner symbols are the planets in each degree. There are also some sub-planets like Chiron, which represents deeply-rooted pain. I don’t want to go into excessive detail, but I will post about this again if people ask for it.


Why Your Astrological Sign Is Probably Wrong

When it comes to astrology, there are a lot of different kinds of charts. I don’t believe in tropical astrology, because it was based on charting of the planets 2 millenia ago. Instead, I use sidereal astrology. I understand why some people prefer to go by tropical and that’s why I’ll explain how I felt about it when learning about sidereal. I didn’t understand that a different system might be more accurate in terms of the position of the planets and for me, the periodic influences of planets should be based on their real, astronomical position. Your astrological sign is like the reference point for how to interpret planetary influences as the planets travel through signs throughout the year.

You might even be considered Ophiuchus or, “the new 13th sign”. It’s not a new sign at all, actually and that’s not a bad thing. It’s because there are more than 12 signs in the sky, but the sun only travels through 13 signs. Ophiuchus was likely removed to round downand simplify math, or maybe because multiples of 3 are holy. I’m sure it was easier to make an astrological wheel with 12 signs too, since 360 is divisible by 12. There are ~365.242199 days in a year though, so things were bound to get funky.

The most popular form of astrology is tropical astrology. It’s so much more domineering that if you look up astrology that’s what you will find by default. When I first learned about it, I didn’t get it. I always thought I was an Aquarius and felt that the sign described me well. So anyways, I checked a real astronomical charting program and that’s when I saw that at the time of my birth, my sun was in Capricorn.

Learning more about Capricorn has shown me that I have a lot of those traits. I won’t go into detail but a lot of great musicians have been Capricorns, like Elvis. Here are some of the planetary symbols from NASA’s website:

How to Find Your Sidereal Astrological Sign

I recommend using your natal chart. I used this site to generate mine.

I know it’s a little hard to understand, but I can make some videos to help y’all with it. I think it’s important to understand which planets are in your home sign, so that you’ll know how the position of the planets is relative to your person. It’s kind of superstitious and up to interpretation, but I love foreign languages, magic, esotericism and spirituality so I include aspects of this in my music and want to share it with people, since it’s fun to learn about.

Important concepts to understand about your planets

1. You are ruled by the planets that are in your sign. In a general sense, that means that the characteristics of each planet may have some effect on you.
2. Your sign is determined by your sun sign.
3. The position of the planets changes as they orbit the sun and their influences change accordingly. This is on a case by case basis based on where and when you were born.
I don’t want to go into too much detail about astrology but leave a comment if you’re interested and I’ll help you learn more.

You Obtain 15 Free Songs When You Join and Yes, It’s Exclusive!

No one else can see the free item’s details without the secret code. The songs stay in your account on forever and you can download them an unlimited number of times.

Note: you can still download the un-mastered version of DIAMONDBACK Demo for free, without any passwords.

I haven’t finished adding the mastered version of DIAMONDBACK Demo to stores yet, so please don’t buy it off of other websites. It’s cheaper on my shop anyway.

Subscribe to My YouTube Channel for More Magic

This blog post talks a lot about magic. You can learn more about how to connect with planets in this video.

Magic Squares are just one method of connecting with planets and generally mantras are based on deities. You can choose your own mantra, deity or say the planets name directly.

This type of magic is primarily based on intention. The video below is based on the sun. The sign your sun is in determines your astrological sign at birth and it is the primary planet of wealth.

I read this in a book on dark magic, but it’s not dark. It is borrowed from Hindu traditions and you can re-frame it to your beliefs as appropriate. I am just talking about aligning with planets and recommend having a practice to align with all of the planets in your home sign.

Believe in Yourself When No One Else Will & You Will Succeed

I’ve been a musician for my entire life. No one has ever handed me a song on a silver platter with pre-recorded vocals and instrumental tracks.

How many albums were made this way in 2018?

I have been the only person working on Sage Suede, except for my collaborations. I actually only started modeling because I thought it would help me as a musician and it’s helped a bit with my online presence, but that hasn’t always been a part of my life. I like modeling, but as a child I thought it was too shallow to even consider it. I thought ageism reduced it’s viability greatly and didn’t live in a big city where gigs are. It became something that I did independently. I’ve organized many of my photoshoots with indie photographers and cut my hair in almost all of my photoshoots.

I just want y’all to know that I am really dedicated to what I’m doing and I know about most of the mistakes I’ve made along the way. I don’t think that those mistakes invalidate any of the music I’ve released online, even though I am always working towards perfection.

Releasing my music online has resulted in a lot of backlash for me, I’ve been even more isolated than I tend to be and it’s been stressful for me emotionally. Still, it’s what I love and I can’t imagine a life without it. I hope that someday I can make this my entire life, but for now, I’m still slaving away at work, before creating things in my free time. I love what I create and those imperfections are just where I was at in becoming the person I am today. I had to make mistakes to keep growing and I am still working towards my goals.

If you want to be something, then keep working towards it. No one can tell you that you’re wrong for following your heart.

Demons Want Cash Flow

An Understatement: I Was Not Happy When I Wrote This

There are a lot of 7s in today’s date so what better time to talk about this song. If you read the lyrics or listen to this song at all, then you would know that it has nothing to do with demonology, or the study of demons. If anything, it’s about demons within others trying to oppress your spirit and possibly, even intending to physically destroy you.

Around the time I wrote this song, I met some people that tried to ruin my life. In a nutshell, they tried to destroy everything about me. I don’t plan to perform this song, but I included it on DIAMONDBACK Demo, so that people would know that I was coming from a breaking point. I had to overcome these demonic people and luckily, I won, or I would essentially be dead right now.

I Still Feel Shy & Depressed

I struggled with a lot of depression and anxiety during the past few years. I’m still shy, so it’s taken a lot of practice for me to branch out and become a performer. I am only a bit extroverted to begin with and I’m skilled at marketing and social media, but I don’t crave attention in social settings.

I used to be so shy that I would choke anytime I auditioned for a theatrical role, or did a clarinet competition. I’ve been doing different kinds of performances throughout my life that have led me to be more confident and outgoing, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have struggled with depression. Most of my poetry from my younger years is too sad to share, as were most of my songs when I started sharing music online. You’ll definitely see that in the first few posts on this site. You can also find some of this poetry on

Overcoming Difficulties Makes You Stronger

I felt like it was important to share this song on DIAMONDBACK demo, because it shows a little more about negative experiences that helped to shape me into the person I am today. I don’t want to align myself with these feelings, which is why I don’t plan to perform this song (unless people really like it, it has a few likes on soundcloud). These feelings are still a part of who I am, but I actively choose to be happy because it’s better for me. I am trying my best to keep my aura clear and to focus on positive materialization.

Others Will Try to Drag You Down

I want my fans to hear this song, because I have encountered a lot of people in my life that make the self-centered assumption that I am overly-confident, or that I “need to be more grounded in reality.” Some of them will attack us just for acting happy, because they think that our happiness is a sign that we don’t feel sad. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I act happy for the people around me, not for myself. I project happiness outward, so that I will receive it in return. It has nothing to do with how I feel.

Some People Try to Tell Me That I’m “Not Even a Musician, or a Model”

They want to discourage me and tell me that my pursuits in music are futile, by comparing me to the most popular musicians and models in all of human history… That scale is absurd and it’s sad how some people act when they get the internet in front of them. I am a musician and a model, because I have the proof online. It’s what I do, not what they say and I am mostly talking about this now for the benefit of y’all – the readers. Don’t take it to heart if people say that you aren’t successful based on some absurd large scale person that is one of the most famous people of all time. That’s comical, if anything and it doesn’t make any sense.

About The Song Demons Want Cash Flow

This song is not about businessman. I am technically a businessman by profession, so I obviously don’t want to demonize everyone with a cash flow statement lol. I am still an artist in my free time and I am working towards making this my only job.

One Vocal, Acoustic Take

I recorded this song in one take and I didn’t do much editing at all, except for EQ. It is more conceptual, than professionally made and is about my feelings at the time. It is neither reflective of my overall abilities to make audio edits, nor my vocal talent; I didn’t use any comping, which is the industry standard nowadays. Comping is when you take the best vocal clips from various takes and put it together to make the highest possible quality vocal track. I did almost no comping at all on DIAMONDBACK Demo, so my takes are better than people would assume.

This Song Features Many Lyrics About My Inner Struggles

You could call them personal demons as well, but many of these inner struggles were forced upon me by others. I have grown to overcome them, in ways that I never expected and I am thankful to have made it through this very difficult period in my life.

There is a lyric about “my dying drones.” It is in terms of the fact that we are always getting closer to death and most all entertainment industries are youth-centric; that means that it is harder and harder to simply be a part of music or modeling as I age, even though these are things I love to do. I’m not going to give up, just because mediocre young artists will get more attention, simply based on their ability to pull young kids into their fan-base. I’ve been through too much to let others affect the outcome of my life and I am doing this all independently, so it’s up to me to make it happen. None of this would exist right now if I hadn’t worked for it throughout my entire life and it will continue growing, because I won’t give up.

If You Work Hard, You Will Succeed.

No one can tell you that you aren’t capable of something, when you are doing it. Believe in the things that you work hard at, because they are things that you have already achieved. People can try to talk you down, but words can only have so much influence. If you keep working, you will get to where you are going and there’s no reason to ever feel bad because there are people that are more famous than you. It’s sad that artists are constantly being pitted against each other like it’s some kind of Roman circus.

Why is Sage Suede Not More Famous?

I have a lot of student debt. I’m not a trust fund baby that can just buy everything they want. I had to work hard to get into a good college on several scholarships and I got jobs directly out of college through 2 internships and 2 co-ops that I completed during classes.

I wrote DIAMONDBACK Demo While Studying and/or Working Full-Time.

I don’t regret my decision to get an education, because otherwise everything would have fallen apart. I needed to have money to be capable of doing anything and as much as I would love to make Sage Suede my entire life, I had to prioritize the cold hard reality that I need money to survive. I am getting closer to my goals, but since I can’t afford to pay other people to make my dreams a reality, I am still trucking forward on my own. I am very happy for all of my collaborators however. For more collaboratons, check out my videos!


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Silly #Halloweencostume

A post shared by sᴀɢᴇ sᴜᴇᴅᴇ (@sage_suede) on

On a random note, I was the Devil last Halloween, because my friend had a free costume in their attic. If you make up any conspiracy theories about that I will laugh, because I just told you why I wore it. I didn’t have any money for a costume at the time and it was just for fun, not to summon some kind of entity.

Sage Suede – The Demons Want Cash Flow

my name
is not fool again
my heart
is not torn apart
my hands
are not slippery
but you can pass smooth
through my fingers

years of clingers
and the social feelers
and the club rat climb
not getting higher
I feel so tired
lost all desire
and some has been wants
to shout until I’m breathless soft

I’m green
suede leather delighter
I’ll make
a light bastion
or it all comes
crashing down

I don’t need the sound
of meddlers in my
dying drones
I’ll wait
until the cake comes to me

I wilt
under the flickering
pires of ire
I’ll fake
that I’m so bougee
but my money is like loose leaf

sometimes I wish
I wasn’t weird
but I won’t disappear

I know
I’m not slow
although the demons want cash flow

their business is built on my pain anyway

I’m happier
when I can think
I won’t let you make me weak

You may have a toxic ploy
but you can’t
use me like a toy

I’ll turn the tide
I’ll strike you down…
into the ground

Let me know what you think in the comments and I’ll create more soon!

Bring my Diamondback

Sage Suede is 2 years old!

Yesterday marks the two year anniversary of the founding of this site. I released DIAMONDBACK Demo in May, 2017. You can find it through Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, & Soundcloud.

Just an Indie Entrepreneur

As you probably know by now, I have done just about everything for Sage Suede myself. I have performed WordPress design, graphic design, social media marketing, audio and video editing… I wrote all of my songs, played guitar, sang vocals, created the beats on all of my tracks, etc.. Music has always been a long term goal for me and I have been making decisions based around this pursuit since I was a kid. I have learned just about everything I need to know, except for how to get press for my music. This is the last step I need to take before getting consistent gigs and possibly transitioning into music full-time, at some point in the future.

I recently organized a collaboration with my favorite skater brand One Gig Co! See more on my modeling portfolio:

Sage Suede is 100% Independent

I am still modeling, but it’s mostly for fun. I am modeling the runway at MassArt tomorrow, which should be fun and generate some cool photos. I enjoy modeling and am mostly using the images for exposure, on instagram, and to showcase my skills for future roles.

As a musician in Boston, I have not met any label representatives in person and am still learning how the industry works. On June 3rd, I have my first booking to play original music on WEMF Radio’s Social Conditioning and have been a regular in random discussions on the program for the past few weeks. The program is based around pushing social boundaries, so it can be edgy in subject matter. They call me true goth on the program and we talk about gothic ideas a lot. True Goth is also a YouTube series I made. It’s sort of a parody of people that take the gothic lifestyle to the extreme. I also like a lot of gothic culture, so none of this web series is meant to be interpreted with any disrespect.

About The Song Bring my Diamondback

This song is loosely based on my life in March and April of this year, when I was organizing a lot of indie modeling roles, as well as some acting.

This Song is About Bringing Abundance Into Your Life

The lyrics are written in a way, so as to bring more opportunity into your life. It’s not just me bragging about myself. I use concepts in magic, where you would speak for an outcome, rather than purely based on the present. Not everything I say is meant to be taken literally, and this song is more about the intention than the situations I describe. I say “8 times” because 8 is seen as a number of abundance and by repeating it, I am seeking to bring more abundance into my life. If you have ever seen the symbol for infinity, it is just like the number 8. ∞

Variety is the Spice of Life

Personally, I think this is one of the best tracks on DIAMONDBACK Demo. I know it is unconventional to include great tracks at the end of a demo, but some of the best songs on DIAMONDBACK are at the end and it makes the demo really dynamic and interesting. It really isn’t conventional at all to include so many styles or tracks within one demo.

What The Haters Completely Misunderstood🙄

You could complain about high pitches, or slight variation in the rhythm due to the bending of the pitches, but that ignores the underlying drum rhythms in the track and the overall experimentation that makes this track so unique. It doesn’t use conventional sounds and it has a lot of buildup, created by the combination of disparate sounds. I mostly just talked on this track, rather than singing, so that wasn’t as rhythmic as my vocals on newer tracks.

More About Magical Concepts in Bring My Diamondback

When I say “Finding time for relaxation, Raising my vibration,” that is about how activities like yoga and meditation help to raise your spiritual vibration. You might think “baloney!” or whatever cheesy word you use to ignore all of the spiritual aspects of reality, but if you actually meditate for long enough, you can feel your vibration rising. To cast a positive outcome, such as the lyrics in this song, you will usually need to be in a heightened spiritual state, for it to be most effective. I have taken meditation and seership classes, which helped me to get better at this and I believe in it, but it doesn’t offend me if you don’t. Just please don’t attack me for including my interest in magic, within my music. Attacking me for considering magical concepts is a total denial of my ability to express myself freely and is an attempted violation of my civil rights.

This state of clear-headedness is similar to the colloquial phrase “zoning out,” where you let go of your thoughts in order to clear your mind. This is the blank slate you need to cast your intention in magic and spiritual practices. Unfortunately, our society is so distracted by unrelenting technology, that most people never fully clear their mental state enough to understand what I’m even talking about. Maybe I can explicate on this further another day. Please keep an open mind, even if you have no interest in these concepts.

Sage Suede – Bring my Diamondback lyrics

Finding time for relaxation
raising my vibration
a creative musician
With a touch of superstition

I’ll sing it so sweet
Huffing over the beat
I’m so experimental
On a whole new level

Haters are in denial
Some even jack my style
I have my way of thinking
And it’s more original

Talking like they know me
And I know they never will
I’m multi-metropolitan
Known all over the world

Bring my Diamondback
8 times my last casting…
Booking photoshoots each week
Doing some acting

Bring my Diamondback
8 times my last casting..
Been building my skills
For decades my passion

Finding time for relaxation
Raising my vibration
a creative musician
With a touch of superstition

I’ll sing it so sweet
Huffing over the beat
I’m so experimental
On a whole new level

Haters are in denial
Some even jack my style
I have my way of thinking
And it’s more original

Talking like they know me
And I know they never will
I’m multi-metropolitan
Known all over the world

Bring my Diamondback
8 times my last casting…
Booking photoshoots each week
Doing some acting

Bring my Diamondback
8 times my last casting..
Been building my skills
For decades my passion

Everyday’s a masquerade
I’ve seen enough of it…
My music is something new
Not so repetitive

I like my stuff a little rough
Edgy with deep bass
Take a risk, I’ll make you rich
Already making waves

Finding time for relaxation
raising my vibration
a creative musician
With a touch of superstition

I’ll sing it so sweet
Huffing over the beat
I’m so experimental
On a whole new level

Haters are in denial
Some even jack my style
I have my way of thinking
And it’s more original

Talking like they know me
And I know they never will
I’m multi-metropolitan
Known all over the world

Bring my Diamondback
8 times my last casting…
Booking photoshoots each week
Doing some acting

Bring my Diamondback
8 times my last casting…
My fans are really smart
They like my art
They have my heart

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Scum of Yesterday

I Was Pretty Angry When I Wrote This

This song is about being independent of anger that has come about from negativity. We all have things that happen in our lives that we have to deal with and this song is oriented with dismissing that negativity. I use the word scum, because it’s something on the hull of a ship that just gets scraped off. Sort of like how you shrug your shoulders, or you dust off the haters – it’s the same idea behind the terminology.

Lessons Learned From This Song

I write a lot of poetry when I feel emotional and so many of the tracks on my demo started out this way. I didn’t realize until after the fact that these emotions don’t necessarily pan out that well for the listener. I used to desire independence from other people’s constructs of me so much, that I didn’t take any real consideration for the listener. This song isn’t too overpowering in terms of the emotions, because it’s written to sound pretty happy regardless. When I say “let it lay with the scum of yesterday,” that’s the same as just letting things go. It should help to overcome anger with a situation, should you choose to repeat the words.

Why Were You So Angry?

I first wrote this track about a coworker that stole my work and then said awful things about me to HR. She had her friend come in and bully me, even though they had nothing to go off of. It was blatant stealing and then she wanted to just slap her work on an article of more than 500 words that I wrote entirely by myself. She didn’t even write any of it, she was purely the editor and she wanted to credit herself because it was about PR. It was really messed up and she went on being giggly and selfish afterwards, with absolutely no recognition of what she had done. After I wrote this song, it really helped me to dismiss those feelings and I’m happy with the way this song turned out. At least I made something good out of that mess of an ordeal.

A Little About Hoodoo and Magic

This video was made independently be me. I know it’s kind of creepy, but that was sort of the point and I made it in the middle of the night.

There is a hoodoo ritual where you break an egg at a crossroads and then you walk away. I broke the egg in this video and sped up the frame rate during the walk over there. This isn’t any kind of curse and you do this when you want to dismiss negativity. Usually before doing so you give the egg your bad energy and it is to deflect negativity (or curses) that are directed at you. At the end of the video, I’m just kind of waving around thorns. Thorns are also consider to be symbolic of protection and they can be laid over doorways or windowsills to keep out negative energy. There is also an owl in the video, which is protective too and fits nicely with the other imagery.

I tagged this post as magic, because of it’s associations with these concepts. I do not advocate any form of cursing, because it will usually come back to you in full force. People have a bad tendency to label and judge others in a way that can often be negative and this is energy that eventually travels back to you. I am aware of dark magic, but primarily so that I can protect myself. If you’ve read what some people say about the music industry online, you will understand why there is a need to be concerned. In this video, it is conceptual and there’s no need to read into it in too much depth. I think that this concept was a little too spooky for most people, but it was a fun FOIL (literary term) to the positive energy of the song.

Scum of Yesterday by Sage Suede

I will let it lay
with the scum of yesterday
I don’t feel distressed
when you get pestilent
I may lack the jewels
but I’m not your stupid tool
When we all look North
the lies are shattered

I will let it lay
with the scum of yesterday
I don’t feel distressed no
when you get pestilent
you can curse and scoff
but you won’t look so soft
reality will hit you harsher

You can berate
go and manipulate
but I won’t take part
in your
deceptive arts

Hey, no way
it’s not right to hate so clueless
let you know now
better to make a dream
than bring to ruin

I will let it lay
with the scum of yesterday
I don’t feel distressed
when you get pestilent
I may lack the jewels but
I’m not your stupid tool
When we all look North
the lies are shattered

No one listens to
your hate chatter
your anti-matter

I hope you like this song! Your support means a lot to me.

New Recordings for DIAMONDBACK

Making Lots of Progress on DIAMONDBACK Demo

I’m starting to get a good track-list going and I expect to get DIAMONDBACK Demo out soon. There was recently a full moon in Leo this past weekend and I couldn’t agree more that I am in a better position to work towards my goals and assert myself, although I tend to be a bit shy. I read about astrology sometimes, although the most useful is probably current astronomical events and I may mention them in the blog, because it’s interesting to me.

Sage Suede is Inclusive of Diversity

I think it’s important that I establish the kind of person I am, because I want Sage Suede to be an inclusive musical act. Even when people have prejudices, I want them to understand that acceptance of diversity is a necessity at my concerts. I want to stand up for what’s right, whenever I see prejudice at my concerts and I hope that my fans will do so as well.

Maybe, Sometimes it’s a bit off-putting

I try to speak out and support progress within society. Usually I talk about this kind of thing on Twitter and honestly, in many ways this has been to my own detriment. I have lost fans while supporting various positive things within society, but I don’t regret that. I am not a politician, so I might not mention everything that it on my mind, but I still want my presence to make the world a better place. Although I try to speak out, I also don’t want to make myself a target, so if you ever see me remove something in retrospect, that’s probably why.

Just a Little Sage Magic

I also believe in magic. I guess that may be weird to a lot of people, but a good way to explain it to non-believers is in terms of that book The Secret. Basically, the book says that what you put out into the world is what you ultimately receive; that is essentially the same thing as pretty much every magical practice and religion (i.e. prayer). I research a lot of different spiritual belief systems and practices, because I find that stuff very interesting. As a result, you will also hear me mentioning magic and magic concepts within my songs. You don’t have to believe in any of it and I’m not starting a cult. I might make more videos about magical practices, but that doesn’t mean that I advocate for it either. Personally, I have seen how much magic impacts my life and I don’t have any doubt in my mind. I don’t really care what other people think about that, it’s just something that I probably won’t stop mentioning in my work.

Happy Valentinesday! I’m spending it alone with myself. #metime #selflove

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Songs Re-visited

So I returned to my alma mater, Northeastern University, recently for this recording session and recorded a few tracks. One of my friends reserved the studio for me, so that I could do so, even though I was an alumni – Thanks Jon! I am attaching these two songs to this post because it’s Valentinesday and I want some of the more romantic songs to be out there while all of us single people eat chocolate and maybe cry. If you have someone to lick your toes (for lack of a more interesting semi-erotic metaphor), then that’s great and I hope you enjoy your day too!

Sexy in That Sweater

You can also find the original here, but this version is better imo. It’s about a friend that used to wear sweaters all the time and we were always thrifting for sweaters. I kept thrifting for sweaters afterwards, because we were really close and she taught me about how great the tactile aspect of sweaters are. We were best friends for a long time and I miss that. You can learn more about this song here.

Lazy Sunday with You

You can find the video version of this song here. I didn’t have an audio version of this before, so I’m releasing one now. I mention auras in the song: supposedly babies, young kids, many animals and gurus can see them easily. It doesn’t come too easily to me, as I’ve always had an easier time feeling than seeing things. I’m not particularly oriented towards psychic vision. There’s even a wikihow article on it, if it interests you.

Anyways, I will try not to cause a hullabaloo by talking about magic too much. It is just a common subject of study for me and an influence that definitely plays a role in my songwriting. I’m trying to finish up DIAMONDBACK Demo soon and I hope that you’ll like it. It’s been a lifetime of hard work and experience that’s finally starting to come to fruition.

Sexy Scorpião

Sexy Scorpião by Sage Suede

This song is written for scorpios, because the sign does not have the best reputation (in some parts of the world), so I made this song to improve that. I’ve also had several relationships with scorpios and it’s generally agreed to be the sexiest zodiac sign by many. My tattoo has no relation to this song or the people I have dated and I got it before ever dating a scorpio. I got this tattoo, because as a kid I was stung by a scorpion on my foot. It is symbolic and represents both home and having overcome something that used to seem insurmountable to me. Scorpions are also seen as symbols of protection in many cultures and that is another reason I got this tattoo.

Sloppy translation of the above:
Ta canção é pra todo scorpião do mundo. Entendo que a reputação do o signo astrologico de scorpio nê muito bem, então criei deste pra a melhorar disso. Tb tenia mulitplas relacionamentos com scorpiões e na minha opinião ta um signo muito mais sexy do zodiaco.

Song Quality & Composition

I wrote this song quickly and I didn’t spend a lot of time on it. I recorded it on my iPhone one day while sitting in my bedroom. It isn’t the best song I have ever made and the quality of the guitar embarrasses me, but it expresses a lot of emotion that I felt personally at the time. I would consider re-making it, but maybe with all of the lyrics in Portuguese. It was just a fun side-project for me and it isn’t on any kind of album, or even my demo.

Why Do You Speak Portuguese?

I speak Portuguese, because I started college as an international business major. I chose Portuguese as my focus and eventually spent 1 month in Brazil for a language immersion. I still have a lot of friends there and a lot of them coincidentally work in concert promotion. Anyways, in a nutshell I took about 4 Portuguese classes. When I went to Brazil, I had only taken 2 and I took a 3rd while I was there. I was surprised to find that I was mostly fluent when I got there. I guess part of why my brain processed the language so well is because it is very close to Spanish (often only a letter or two off) and my mom was one of the volunteer Spanish teachers at my elementary school. My grandfather was stationed on a military base in Panama, so my mom learned Spanish while she was a kid. Anyways, I also speak a few other languages and I am a polyglot. It’s something that I want to incorporate in my music, because I have always been passionate about learning other languages, often through self-study.

Letras de Sexy Scorpião por Sage Suede

You’re my sexy scorpião
tudo cê fiz é gostosão
não vale a pena que
a gente fala sobre mim

You’re my sexy scorpião
bixas festejando loud
caipirinha ou vodka no mão
a vida beleza no festival

muitas saudades this
was my longest shtick
I hope that we get rich
quero tocar vc again

vc não bebe wine
I know we’ll be just fine
mozi não teve frio
quero de dar novo beijinho

You’re my sexy scorpião
tudo cê fiz é gostosão
não vale a pena que
a gente fala sobre mim

You’re my sexy scorpião
bixas festejando loud
caipirinha ou vodka no mão
a vida beleza no festival

I’m wishing you the best
ainda tem sua cuecas
fica pertinho
life’s too short to waste time

in scorpion eyes
you see a deeper side
espero que vc é
com paz, tudo cê quer

You’re my sexy scorpião
tudo cê fiz é gostosão
não vale a pena que
a gente fala sobre mim

You’re my sexy scorpião
bixas festejando loud
caipirinha ou vodka no mão
a vida beleza no festival

Este cancão fui um projeito muy divertido para me. Espero que vocês gostam dela engracada criacão.
This song was a very fun project for me. I hope that y’all enjoy this funny creation.

  1. Soft Serve Chillin SAGE SUEDE 4:36
  2. On Your Lips SAGE SUEDE 3:59
  3. Short Skirt SAGE SUEDE 3:06
  4. ElectroPapi SAGE SUEDE 4:36
  5. Be my Boo SAGE SUEDE 3:02
  6. Un Photo De Toi Nu SAGE SUEDE 3:02
  7. Lazy Sunday with You (Shaky Lips) SAGE SUEDE 2:03
  8. How Can I SAGE SUEDE 2:23