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Contact Sage Suede for a Collaboration

Please fill out the form below for consideration in Sage Suede’s upcoming projects:

Promotions and collaborations:

Hire Sage Suede as a Model

Sage Suede has a strong modeling background, including runway, commercial & fashion modeling.

There are two scenarios in which Sage Suede will consider modeling:

  1. Sage Suede requires pay for modeling the products of others. To be considered for product promo through Sage Suede’s following of over 50K, please submit the form above and include a description of your product and business.
  2. TFP modeling opportunities are available for independent photographers and select non-profit events. Please state your concept, using the submission form above. Photographers should also include a portfolio link.

Feature Sage Suede on Your Vlog or Radio Show

Sage Suede is also available for appearances on your show. Please fill out the contact form at the top of this page with additional details.

Are You a Model?

I will provide you with free exposure to my fanbase, when you model Sage Suede fashion. Please submit your portfolio using the contact form at the top of the page.

Artist Promotion

Sage Suede provides free promo for artists, when they create fan art. You can find rules for Fan Art and previous submissions on this page.

Please submit your fan art to

Are you a Musician?

We Could Work Together!

If you are a musician, you can contact Sage Suede for the possibility of:
– opening your next performance set
– remixing your track
– remixing one of Sage’s tracks (with possibility of single releases)
– collaboration on a musical project

Please state the nature of your project and if compensation is available in the contact form above.

Appear on Sage Suede’s YouTube Channel!

Opportunities for Actors, YouTubers, etc.

There are opportunities for appearances in the following series:

Call Super Petty with a Super Hero Emergency:

Super Petty is a super hero parody series. The first season exclusively featured voices and characters by Sage Suede.
Any skill level may apply. The featured actor will call Super Petty’s hotline with an emergency and Sage Suede will record the interaction for later publishing on YouTube.
This is a comedy series, so you can be quite goofy with this, but keep in mind that the humor relies on Super Petty having the ability to resolve the situation. For consideration, please submit the contact form with the name you intend to call in with (this can be your social media handle) and the emergency that Super Petty will be responding to.

Talk About Goth Life with True Goth

True Goth is a series about Gothic lifestyle. It is deadpan, because it exaggerates the idea of being a Goth to an extreme.
However, True Goth is still about Gothic culture, so it is recommended that only goths and people willing to indulge in discussions of Gothic culture apply to this program.
For consideration, please submit the contact form above with your Gothic name and a Gothic subject of interest for discussion with True Goth. Guests on True Goth will have the opportunity of appearing over Skype, or via phone. Skype interviews must be in Gothic attire.

Discuss Your Taste in Fashion on Sage Sizzle

Sage Sizzle is a series for fashion discussions. It is not intended to judge other fashion brands, or to hype Sage Suede fashion products. The show essentially answers whether particular fashion styles are attractive and how they should be worn. For instance, the first episode featured guest vlogger Me, I Am Juan and discussed cargo shorts – the verdict was to never wear them. Guests on this show will call in via Skype to discuss fashion concepts. Please submit the contact form at the top of this page with the fashion concept you would like to discuss and the name you will use on the program.

Ask Sage Suede for advice on Sage PerSuede

Sage PerSuede is a general advice series, intended to help others. In the past, subjects have varied quite a bit, but now the subjects are open for guest submission.
To be a guest on this show, please submit the contact form above and state what you would like advice on. When Sage Suede calls you to provide advice, it will be recorded.

Discuss Magic with Sage Suede

Do you have an interest in magic? Sage Suede is available for discussions of esoteric symbols and concepts, within various cultural ideologies. Sage Suede does not align with one culture in particular and will try his best to provide insight of value to the general discussion. This series features guests via a Skype session and it is generally recommended that you understand the topic which you would like to discuss. For consideration in this series, please submit the topic in magic which you would like to discuss.

  1. Soft Serve Chillin SAGE SUEDE 4:36
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  4. ElectroPapi SAGE SUEDE 4:36
  5. Be my Boo SAGE SUEDE 3:02
  6. Un Photo De Toi Nu SAGE SUEDE 3:02
  7. Lazy Sunday with You (Shaky Lips) SAGE SUEDE 2:03
  8. How Can I SAGE SUEDE 2:23