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2018 Freebies & Bangers

15 Free Songs

This is a random compilation of tracks I made over the years that needed to be released. It includes tracks in Portuguese & Russian.


13 Free Tracks

This is a demo I created during college in 2015. I grew a lot as a singer-songwriter, audio editor and solo producer through creating it. Learn more about DIAMONDBACK Demo in the blog posts on this website.

Be My Boo

Halloween Single – 2018

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  1. Masterpiece SAGE SUEDE 2:52
  2. Soft Serve Chillin SAGE SUEDE 4:36
  3. Go Down So Smooth SAGE SUEDE 2:08
  4. Caipira com a Bundão SAGE SUEDE 2:56
  5. Sizzle Dee Sipper SAGE SUEDE 1:57
  6. Estoy Caliente SAGE SUEDE 2:57
  7. She Lookin so Fab SAGE SUEDE 3:28
  8. On Your Lips SAGE SUEDE 3:59
  9. ElectroPapi SAGE SUEDE 4:36