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1. Must be fan art related to Sage Suede (no obscenity please). All skill levels accepted, all art styles welcome.
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I’m excited to see what y’all make! – Sage Suede


Austin, TX


Nashville, TN


Louisiana, USA


Massachusetts, USA


Vancouver, Canada



Massachusetts, USA

(Above: from a fashion show that I headlined)

For more modeling, check out my modeling portfolio.


Texas, USA


Massachusetts, USA


Berlin, Germany

  1. Masterpiece SAGE SUEDE 2:52
  2. Soft Serve Chillin SAGE SUEDE 4:36
  3. Go Down So Smooth SAGE SUEDE 2:08
  4. Caipira com a Bundão SAGE SUEDE 2:56
  5. Sizzle Dee Sipper SAGE SUEDE 1:57
  6. Estoy Caliente SAGE SUEDE 2:57
  7. She Lookin so Fab SAGE SUEDE 3:28
  8. On Your Lips SAGE SUEDE 3:59
  9. ElectroPapi SAGE SUEDE 4:36