Meet My New Cats

Toilet Kitties Ahoy: please close the lid after each use, or they will drink & bathe in the water.

My Two New Kittens – Nolan & Ryan

You may have noticed 2 kitties on my instagram feed, any of my other social media, or my Free Halloween Single. They were named after the baseball player Ryan Nolan, by a previous owner. She had to give them away, while undergoing cancer treatment. I found them in a PetSmart and they were super sweet towards me and one of my best friends, so I decided to get them. I am happy to have found such great cats, even though the adoption process was difficult.

I Avoided The Hardest Kitty Phases

By getting cats that were already 7 months old, I didn’t have to train them as much. Kittens meow much more often than adult cats and they are basically teenagers now, at about 10 months old. They were already litter box trained, when I got them.

Cleaning Up After Your Kitty Cat

One of them peed in this…

1. Don’t Leave Clothes On The Floor

They will probably pee on them.

2. Clean Up Fluids on Carpet with Baking Soda

3. Get Cat Litter With Baking Soda

4. Only Use a Metal Poop Spatula

Otherwise, the handle will probably break and nobody wants more mess.

5. Use a Litter Box Liner and Litter Box Floor Mat

I used to need to sweep litter all the time. Now I can spend less time sweeping.

Click on the image above.i

Considerations Before You Get a Cat (If You Aren’t Thinking About it, you can skip this section)

Cats Are Divisive

If you are in a family, make sure that everyone likes cats. Some people don’t like cats at all, because they want a more active loving companion, like a dog. Cats can be quite affectionate depending on their breed and upbringing. The main way in which they differ from dogs, is that they usually prefer more time alone, but they will come to you. It depends on how they are socialized at a younger age. Also, some people may be allergic to cats, so it would be smart to take your family to look at cats, to make sure no one is physiologically unable to handle it.

Can You Handle Multiple Pets?

I had been looking for a cat for a while and didn’t think that I could get more than one cat. I decided to get these two because they were brothers that grew up together. I knew that they were already sweet and would be likely to stay well-mannered because they were together. However, I have broken up fights between them a few times and they definitely have their sibling rivalry. The main consideration in terms of having multiple cats, however, is if you can handle the additional time cleaning, costs (mostly with an apartment leasing office) and time for play & affection. They do get jealous of each other and one of them is very aggressive about playing with toys, to the point that the other one often sits and waits. I have found that they will both chase after a lazer pointer and that has been one of the best ways to get them both exercise at the same time. If you do get multiple cats, make sure to get a multi-cat litter for the smell. It may not be the best ideas in small spaces, like my one-bedroom apartment but you need to be willing to make it work.

They Will Probably Damage Your Furniture

They have scratched my futon a little bit, but it’s a cheap piece of furniture. I still think it looks okay, but if they get close to the stuffing, then I will buy a futon cover. If you are trying to preserve your furniture, possibly for re-sale, then you should buy a cover in advance. They have also chewed off one of my blind strings and torn a few buttons off my clothes. They keep pulling the plastic pieces off of doorstops, so I am keeping them in a cabinet to put back on before I move out lol.

They Chew on Plant Leaves and Dig Up The Soil

They don’t dig too often, but I’m sure different breeds are more inclined to this. I have a small patio and they enjoy going out there a lot. I have put a plastic lid on one section to discourage them from jumping, but we are on the third floor, so they usually don’t think about it. A cat would most likely survive this fall with minor injuries, but they would have no way to get back up to my apartment. I just walled off the corner that is closest to the nearest ledge. I also took some leaves and showed the cats how the leaves fell all the way down. They were scared just watching the leaves fall, so they stopped sticking their heads so far out of the bars. Some cats may be okay as outdoor cats, but you have to be careful. If you ever lose a cat, the best way to attract them is by shaking a bag of cat food.

Trimming Their Claws

This is pretty easy, but you have to make sure you don’t cut too far down the nail, because it is filled with blood. Simply grab a pair of nail clippers and cut at a 45 degree angle, as seen in the diagram (below). You should be able to see the pink part of the nail, in order to avoid hurting them. Many cats will still be nervous about this, sometimes because they had someone do it incorrectly in the past. It’s usually best to do this process after they have eaten and pet them so they feel more comfortable. So far, I’ve only been trimming their front nails because sometimes they “massage” me with their paws and it hurts when they are too sharp. I haven’t felt a need to trim the back paws yet.

Image result for clip cat nails
For more details on trimming claws, click this image.

Get a Lint Roller

There will be a lot of fur on your clothes, your bed, really anywhere they sit.

Give Them Places to Scratch and Play

If you don’t get a scratching post for your cat, they will scratch everything else. These are usually really cheap and you can get them for $30 or less. They also love scratchy floor mats or rugs, so if you look in an outdoor rug section you can probably find something ideal for them.

They Want To Be Loved & A Part of The Pride

They don’t ask me for all that much. I try to play with them sometimes, but since I have two cats, they will usually play-fight when I am busy. Most of the time, they just want to be able to snuggle for a little bit. One of them values having his tail stroked more than anything else and the other one wants to lick my neck and ears. They both have different personalities and your cat may want something different. Some cats will never want to cuddle, while others will want it all the time. Oftentimes, mine will meow if I am behind a closed door for a few minutes. They want to feel included and loved, so even just taking a nap with them nearby is enough for them to be happy.


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New Music Coming Soon!

The first track on ElectroPapi EP mentions my kittens, so I felt like I should tell you more about them. The first 4 tracks are almost done, so I am planning to release my EP in early 2019.

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