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Meet Sage and Musical Challenges

SAGE SUEDE | June 4, 2016
meet sage suede

Never Give Up on a Challenge.

So many of us have grown accustomed to being catered to by businesses and expect to get things handed to us by a consumerist society (especially in the USA).

Personally, I have had problems in the past with giving up on difficult projects due to their complexity and my level of inexperience. This applies to Sage Suede, as well as a lot of other things, like when I took pre-AP physics in high school. Just because something is hard and you don’t know how to do it, doesn’t mean that it is unattainable. You will achieve so much more by working towards that goal, even if you never get there.

If you really want something and you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

We are forced to do difficult tasks at school and during work, but most of us don’t want to get off the couch as soon as we get home. This is due to exhaustion as much as laziness, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make small steps on a long journey. Most of the things that are worth doing in life are hard to do.

There’s no reason that we can’t achieve the big things we want to do, in addition to the ones we’re forced to do. You’ve already proven yourself throughout your life with all the tasks you had to do, so why not apply yourself to a challenge that you really love?

I Started This Blog in May 2015

I created this blog to work towards a lifelong passion of mine. I started learning to read music and play instruments as a child and have wanted to be a musician for most of my life. Now, I am content as a Digital Marketing Associate but still feel that music is an important part of my life and continue to pursue it as a way to express myself. I have learned marketing, social media management, basic web design, audio editing, and even some video editing in pursuit of this goal. I’m still working all the time towards making my dreams a reality.

Little Baby Steps

Sage Suede, just like any large goal consists of a series of small steps, spaced out over time and still requires me to work through challenges in order to make my increasingly larger vision into a reality. Below is an interview conducted by my friend and former co-worker, Nam Namm. He is a professional in marketing and enjoys doing video production in his spare time. You can find more of his work on his YouTube channel. I am really awkward, but I feel like it is an accurate depiction of me and many of my friends will recognize my demeanor. This is one of the first interviews I’ve ever done for my music and I’m glad to be moving in a positive direction.

I’m still working on tracks and the live recording from Fort Point Open Mic Night will be up next week. Thanks for visiting!

meet sage suede

Written by SAGE SUEDE


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  1. Scott

    February 11, 2017 at 10:44 AM

    Don’t ever give up on your dreams Sage. That’s what life if for our visions and dreams. The journey towards them is the fun part, even when disappointments cause us to stumble. Best wishes for you on the road to your sure succesd!

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