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New Recordings for DIAMONDBACK

sagesuede | February 14, 2017

Making Lots of Progress on DIAMONDBACK Demo

I’m starting to get a good track-list going and I expect to get DIAMONDBACK Demo out soon. There was recently a full moon in Leo this past weekend and I couldn’t agree more that I am in a better position to work towards my goals and assert myself, although I tend to be a bit shy. I read about astrology sometimes, although the most useful is probably current astronomical events and I may mention them in the blog, because it’s interesting to me.

Sage Suede is Inclusive of Diversity

I think it’s important that I establish the kind of person I am, because I want Sage Suede to be an inclusive musical act. Even when people have prejudices, I want them to understand that acceptance of diversity is a necessity at my concerts. I want to stand up for what’s right, whenever I see prejudice at my concerts and I hope that my fans will do so as well.

Maybe, Sometimes it’s a bit off-putting

I try to speak out and support progress within society. Usually I talk about this kind of thing on Twitter and honestly, in many ways this has been to my own detriment. I have lost fans while supporting various positive things within society, but I don’t regret that. I am not a politician, so I might not mention everything that it on my mind, but I still want my presence to make the world a better place. Although I try to speak out, I also don’t want to make myself a target, so if you ever see me remove something in retrospect, that’s probably why.

Just a Little Sage Magic

I also believe in magic. I guess that may be weird to a lot of people, but a good way to explain it to non-believers is in terms of that book The Secret. Basically, the book says that what you put out into the world is what you ultimately receive; that is essentially the same thing as pretty much every magical practice and religion (i.e. prayer). I research a lot of different spiritual belief systems and practices, because I find that stuff very interesting. As a result, you will also hear me mentioning magic and magic concepts within my songs. You don’t have to believe in any of it and I’m not starting a cult. I might make more videos about magical practices, but that doesn’t mean that I advocate for it either. Personally, I have seen how much magic impacts my life and I don’t have any doubt in my mind. I don’t really care what other people think about that, it’s just something that I probably won’t stop mentioning in my work.

Happy Valentinesday! I’m spending it alone with myself. #metime #selflove

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Songs Re-visited

So I returned to my alma mater, Northeastern University, recently for this recording session and recorded a few tracks. One of my friends reserved the studio for me, so that I could do so, even though I was an alumni – Thanks Jon! I am attaching these two songs to this post because it’s Valentinesday and I want some of the more romantic songs to be out there while all of us single people eat chocolate and maybe cry. If you have someone to lick your toes (for lack of a more interesting semi-erotic metaphor), then that’s great and I hope you enjoy your day too!

Sexy in That Sweater

You can also find the original here, but this version is better imo. It’s about a friend that used to wear sweaters all the time and we were always thrifting for sweaters. I kept thrifting for sweaters afterwards, because we were really close and she taught me about how great the tactile aspect of sweaters are. We were best friends for a long time and I miss that. You can learn more about this song here.

Lazy Sunday with You

You can find the video version of this song here. I didn’t have an audio version of this before, so I’m releasing one now. I mention auras in the song: supposedly babies, young kids, many animals and gurus can see them easily. It doesn’t come too easily to me, as I’ve always had an easier time feeling than seeing things. I’m not particularly oriented towards psychic vision. There’s even a wikihow article on it, if it interests you.

Anyways, I will try not to cause a hullabaloo by talking about magic too much. It is just a common subject of study for me and an influence that definitely plays a role in my songwriting. I’m trying to finish up DIAMONDBACK Demo soon and I hope that you’ll like it. It’s been a lifetime of hard work and experience that’s finally starting to come to fruition.

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