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“Your music has a very tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, especially Thicc Juicy Bass”
DNA Magazine Australia

“The musical courage to go where most artists have never gone before… Sage is a polyglot poet who has an edgy delivery of high-quality and incredibly unique musical productions.”
Out Front Magazine

Art Gallery Feature:

“Together, these two artists have created an eclectic & inclusive environment with an otherworldly ambience.”
Big Celebrity Buzz

“We’re big fans of you and your work”
– Voyage Austin

“Perhaps the future of popular music, rising superstar Sage Suede has had the musical courage to go where most artists have never gone before.”
Entertainment Eyes

“Sage Suede is renowned for his musical prowess, as a polyglot poet with edgy delivery of high-quality and incredibly unique musical productions.”
Sophisticated Bitch

“Packed with action, these videos demonstrate creative freedom, cultural diversity and open expression.”
The Gallery ATX

“Sage Suede is taking the world by storm with THICC JUICY BASS and will be a household name in no time.”
Jimmy Star’s World

“Sage Suede has dared to take the rhyme and pop music and create a different type of sound for each track.”
Daily Dose Report

“incredibly unique musical productions”
Top 40 Charts

“Sage Suede delivered a truly diverse album, as THICC JUICY BASS incorporates so many different vibes, and song-writing approaches. Overall performance on the LP sets bars very high for his upcoming releases.”
Honk Magazine


“He cherishes women and the love he had a chance to experience… His flow is unstoppable, and layered on EDM beats, which creates magnificent songs.”
House Music Hits

“His soothing and perfectly timed flow comes layered atop an innovative and surely pioneering soundscape.”
finest of EDM

“Sage Suede’s unique style is fully blowing on the album – he’s not afraid of combining genres and sharing his intimate stories. His conceptual art is bumping all over the LP with music videos that support the big release”
Dance Hits UK

TRV Countdown, Video of the Day

“Very few artists in history have ever had the musical chops or the diligence to self-produce work of such artistic breadth & variety, in such a short period of time.”
Press Party

“Sage Suede is renowned for his musical prowess, as a polyglot poet with edgy delivery of high-quality and incredibly unique musical productions.”
Celebrity Zones

“Sage Suede could be the future of popular music.”
Raynbow Affair

“Master rhyme enthusiast Sage Suede has unlocked the extraordinary with his new album release… awakening the world to a new kind of music… the music of the future.”
Hollywood Digest

“Sage and I exchanged questions and answers regarding his music, his story, and his inspirations…”
The Hype Magazine

Pipeman’s Power of Music

“One of the most prolific and inventive singer-songwriters and producers in the game.”
Hit Music TV

“Sage Suede’s soothing and sometimes whispery deliveries that bring in the right dose of sensuality needed for these ethereal soundscapes.”
VENTS Magazine

“Glossy is a provocative work of art… filled with poppin urban vibes… the dirty details of relationships, and… gossips behind break-ups and betrayals, over melodic Hip-Hop beats and dreamy pop soundtracks.”
Addicted to EDM

“Sage Suede’s vox, and modern heavy beats keep the listener bobbing their head as he spills the truth on relationships and lucid romances.”
Top ATL Sounds

“All will agree that with Dazmin D’Leon, he has found the perfect partner in crime to create a sensual energy that conveys with striking ease…”
Fist Pumpers

“Simply beautiful in all aspects. Whether lyrically or sonically, the duo have managed to create an atmospheric mood, perfect for romantic vibes and situations.”
Southside Jams

“On the EP, they both shine with a unique vibe that mixed and spiced up with thoughtful lyrics, creating a real mood.”
Vibe My Life

“Sage Suede continues inspiring the crowds with this new collaboration. … Dazmin’s keyboard lines merge well with Sage unique vocals and heavy bass soundscapes.”
Hip Hop Hotness

“Sage Suede is back making the buzz in the music scene with a new EP titled Glossy. He has once again poured his unique aesthetics and signature pounding bass lines…”
Mix Session DJs

“Brand new project coming from Texan artist Sage Suede who teamed up with Dazmin D’Leon to compose 5 electro-pop tracks.”

“The match made in heaven are deploying their artistry in full-force throughout this subtly dreamy collection of extremely sensual songs.”
Just Listen Hip Hop

“Raw and feminine… there is a mysterious feel throughout the song that never lets the tempo take over the hypnotic vibe of each track.”
EDM Junkies

“Cozy, romantic, and more than sensual, Glossy is an atmospheric travel to a sonic world…”
Music Talks

“The Ep is filled with edgy urban energy, surreally dreamy synths, and poetically mature open lyricism.”
EDM Honey

“Glossy is a masterclass in blending a myriad of urban and electronic genres, beautifully intertwining them to get a musically trend-setting sonic result.”
Just Bangers

“The soft and pure voice of Sage Suede happily furrows his own path in the music industry with the release of another fresh project…”
Breaking & Entering
Pipeman in the Pit

“Listening to ‘Feel So Light-Headed’ is almost like an out-of-body experience, with the breezy and dreamy synths bringing a light romantic vibe that intensifies when Sage Suede adds his vocals to the mix.”
Electric Bounce


“Hip-Hop vibes that mix effortlessly with a dynamic range of dreamy synth pop soundscapes that feel cosmic and refreshing.”
Street Talkin

“Sage Suede adeptly switches to calmer, yet evenly energizing and lifeful sounds. ‘Feel So Light-Headed’ peaks with a romantic, uplifting theme and shimmering hooks…”
New Street Society

“‘Feel So Light-Headed’ is a captivating chill pop single that features a complex and bouncy lofi-ambient beat. Sage Suede’s… voice creates a romantic and intimate atmosphere…”
Mixtape Mixup

“This new song is like a romantic guide, revealing a softer yet equally powerful vocal performance by Sage. The effect of the track is so captivating that you can’t help but get mesmerized at his emotional power, sharing infinite amounts of love with his fans.”
Dubstep Smash

“A romantic ballad that showcases the beginning of a love story… Sage Suede perfectly captured the emotion and passion of that feeling, and transferred it via his signature poetic and honest lyrics.”
Ravers Heaven

“SAGE SUEDE balances between electro and hip-hop as he layers his sick and skilled flow on an EDM inspired beat.”
Late Night Stereo


“Sage Suede with his flawless flow describes his fantasies and adventures. As he raps on the fire layered beat, the audience experiences a journey to the universe of an uncommon mix of EDM, HipHop, and Pop.”
Three of Five

“It exposes Sage Suedes ultra modern beat, extenuating harmony with vulnerability. The sound is perfect and the music video plays perfectly with his futuristic aesthetics.”
Urban Hotness

“‘Go Down So Smooth,’ one more sophisticated drop by the fast rising artist… (that) succeeds at showing another facet of his rich personality, full of positive energy and good vibes.“
Go Hard In Daa Paint

“‘Go Down So Smooth’ represents a fearless and unstoppable persona Sage Suede is… (he) mixes all genres into one inspiring work adding elements of modern pop, urban rap, and bouncy EDM.”
EDM All Day

“An extremely satisfying collision of R&B, EDM, and rap. Sharing his intimate experiences, and channeling it through a unique animated music video, Sage Suede speaks out about his deepest and the most confidential stories with his lover.”
EDM is Life


“On ‘Sizzle Dee Sipper,’ the multi-talented star, singer, and producer is expressing his different talents as an artist who can deliver strong and juicy flow… The ultramodern beat filled with synths and drops”
Pop It Records


“Vivid imagination and dazzling skills on this latest release, blending electronic soundscapes with pop textures, and Hip-Hop, all fused with a sure sense of perfection and synchronicity rare to find in most new releases.”
Indie Land UK

“Sage Suede, a rapper who represents a new wave of modern fusion of spoken word and EDM, is one to have a closer look at”
Groovy Tracks

“Undeniable talent comes together in perfect alignment with the trendy beats and lyrics he has crafted … he is now confirming that the success and positive critics he’s had were no one timers.”
Pop Spotlight UK

“The outstanding track showcases the sharp & effortlessly smooth flow of this Austin, TX-based rapper, very innovative interpretation of modern EDM. “Sizzle Dee Sipper” is a harmony of electro-pop, & rap with strong punchlines & verses.”
House of Shakes

“Sophisticated beats mixed with his daring lyrics come together with swag thanks to the upbeat tempos, pounding bass and catchy overlays.”
Records on Repeat

“His innate musical skills and strong sense of innovation have led him to create his own genre of music, never borrowing or copying what others do, but instead come up with something truly unique”
Pop Dose Magazine UK

“A force to be reckoned with in the field, Sage Suede seems to know no limitations or taboos, as he perseveres towards free creativity and total open-mindedness”
New Hit Singles

“The emerging singer-songwriter and record producer is showing some serious skills on his latest drop, confirming the great potential fans had beheld on ‘Masterpiece’… innovative sounds and vocal deliveries.”
Minimal Sounds UK

“An eclectic and imaginative soul, Sage Suede is building a strong momentum that will climax with the release of his upcoming album, THICC JUICY BASS, scheduled for release on June 26th.”
This Song is so Sick
The Adventures of Pipeman

“Masterpiece” is a major work by an artist who seems to know no boundaries to his talent and potential… a purely innovative way of imagining what Hip-Hop should sound like in 2020 and the years to come.”

Masterpiece’ modern production and punchy electronic synth provide the ideal sonic design for Sage Suede to reveal his profound poetry, flawless execution, and vision as an artist, adding the final touch to this spectacular project.”
Pop Dose Magazine


“’Masterpiece’ is an extremely imaginative and futuristic artistic proposal, offering a wide range of styles and sonic inspirations blended into one coherent song that proves how visionary Sage Suede is.”
Nuevo Culture

“Masterpiece is a self-produced masterwork that bumps old-school hip-hop vibes, with modern production and punchy electronic synths.”

“A complete artist, Sage Suede also plays around with a myriad of different sonorities, seemingly far apart from each other, and yet in total alignment and coherence with his visual and sonic vision.”
just bangers

“‘Masterpiece’ has the artistic integrity and ingenuity to amaze the listener every step of the way, as Sage masterfully offers sick beats and vocals effortlessly.”
Coast 2 Coast

“His soothing and perfectly timed flow comes layered atop an innovative and surely pioneering soundscape.”

“SAGE SUEDE is just another ‘galaxy’. Full stop. The oddity. The quirk. The honesty[…]The vision of SAGE SUEDE, is what we should try to be. What we’d been, has zero tolerance for this mission to Mars. SAGE SUEDE’s debut EP ‘ELECTROPAPI’ is a trip to the ‘other side’. Just like him. Just like his aura. there’s nothing really like this artist”
Come Here Floyd

“He takes on the subjects of gender inequality, sexuality, and advocacy in his music. Sage has recorded songs in several different languages including English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. “
Building Beyond Me

“ELECTROPAPI EP is armed with awesome synths and a future sound that is so ahead of its time, it will surely revolutionize the music industry. It’s filled with a movingly, beautiful electronic sound, that finds Sage Suede blending the soundscapes with his silky vocals from the moment play is pressed on the EP up until the very last track.”


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