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Pucker Up For More

sagesuede | July 28, 2020

About The Song Pucker Up For More, by Sage Suede

Pucker Up For More is the third track off the debut album THICC JUICY BASS. Released 06/26/2020. Sage Suede wrote this song about a high-class mood. A place where there is strong bass and you feel the rhythm. This is often what is missing in popular music and Sage Suede takes this to another level through poetic language.

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Lyrics to Pucker Up For More by Sage Suede

Imma let it bop

We got it on lock

Make yo head bang

And go get you dat fame

Hustlin so hard

In the beast mode

Trippin up the stickiness (whack)

Can’t stop livin it

So legit

I’ve been duelin

Full flamin

Big thriller

Have the thickness

Come on get with it

And tickle my rhythm

Be way more than a snack

Lovin me is full course

Never too sour

So you pucker up

For more

Went out on a limb

And loved her so quick

Wanted me to wet her whistle

So she went and licked my lips

Wonder how we get by

Really wanna make you mine

Thinkin bout you all the time

Wanna touch you just right


You got me buttered up

Like I’m good luck

It just hits the spot

When you are so rough

I be actin tough

Wanna pass the buck

We can mix it up

And release the dove

“As an independent singer-songwriter and producer, it’s really hard to find support. I appreciate you visiting my site and look forward to sharing new music with you!”

Written by sagesuede

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