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SAGE SUEDE | December 3, 2015

Sage Suede – Demoback

I wrote these songs, because I intended to use them in DIAMONDBACK Demo. Washboard didn’t make the cut, solely because my computer crashed and I lost the file. I have never had expensive equipment and I am always making due with what I have. At the time I recorded these, I was able to utilize the recording studio at Northeastern University. I got into Northeastern by working hard in high school and graduating at the top of my class. I was only able to go, because I got the dean’s half-tuition scholarship, a scholarship from Pedernales and Huggs-Trust. Otherwise, I would have drowned in debt.

Musical Style of this Demo

It’s challenging combining electric guitar with electronic beats, because it can easily be overpowering. Then I have problems with wanting to play guitar in complicated rhythms that I can’t do while singing at the same time. I used a drum machine app for Cleopatra and Bird Girl, but will probably generate drum beats with Ableton from now on, because it gives me more flexibility with the rhythm. Before, I was struggling to reinstall ableton after my hard drive crashed, but my dad helped me through that – Thanks Dad!

Collaborations & Artistic Vision

I’m not sure what the future will bring and I may start doing more collaborations to bring more energy into my work. I can also play the instruments for songwriting, but I’m not going to be able to do keyboards and guitar live simultaneously, so I’ll have to work with somebody else on that. I think that initially I will just sing with a background track, because I always use syncopated rhythms and that makes it too difficult to play guitar at the same time. I guess for now I just need to finish the songs and can figure that out later.

My goal is to sound like I’m playing in a deserted night club, or like an underground fashion show in a warehouse. Something that is vaguely grungy, but also sophisticated with moody electronic beats. Still these are just ideas and I’ll see what ends up happeningĀ once I get deeper into the music.

This is a journey for me and as I evolve, so will my music. Thanks for listening!


Written by SAGE SUEDE


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