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sagesuede | April 29, 2020

Planned a Lot of Surprises for Y’all…

I had a few concerts planned over the past few months but all of them got cancelled due to COVID. For some extra money on the side, I was working at Planet Fitness and that got furloughed. Probably won’t go back because I’m tired of cleaning and my new job is working remotely due to the epidemic.

This hasn’t stopped me from planning ahead for Sage Suede. However, due to the virus I had a lot of great performances cancelled, like this one with vodka snowcones.

Even planned it myself with the hosts, found a few artists for the line-up and designed the poster. *sigh*

Was also planning to share THICC JUICY BASS at Thicket Food Park. It’s a food truck park in South Austin, and how could I not share my thicc bass at thicket?
Guess I can’t now, but maybe when they re-open and the music industry returns from hibernation.


The new album by Sage Suede is coming out in June. The first single is scheduled for this Friday- May 1st.

THICC JUICY BASS will be released on June 26th, 2020.

It’s a Big Bass Deal

THICC JUICY BASS is a pleasant experience that will take you on a journey around the world, through various musical styles. I still maintain my experimental roots and originality, having created all songs on my own. Self-produced and cooked from scratch, seasoned to taste with my spunk.

No two songs sound the same. There is more variety than you will hear on almost any album nowadays.

All of the production, lyrics, editing, etc was done by yours truly as usual.

New Single = Masterpiece

Can’t wait to share the new music videos with you!

I’m planning to release the music video for Masterpiece, sometime tomorrow. Although I designed all of the covers for singles and this album, the 3D music videos were created by Neuro Plastic Studios.

Wanted to do a physical music video where I dance and be cool with people, but no one is showing up to anything anymore. Too bad there weren’t any shows in March or April due to the virus. I really hope that y’all will be in touch when the world has time to heal.

Stay tuned for new music this week. 🙂

Written by sagesuede

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