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    We know that it could seem overwhelming attempt to pair your air tools having a specific air compressor. Especially because the selection of choices available is really broad. Air compressors can be used many work with vehicles and home. For instance, touching the paint work, wrenching off wheel nuts, cutting metalwork etc. You need to what one you should utilize? The top air compressor isn’t necessarily the correct air compressor for the task. We’ve assembled an easy user guide and view list that will help you narrow area of and select which compressor will probably be worth forget about the.

    Quick Start Guide

    1. What will you be utilising the compressor for?

    Through an being aware of what you will end up using your air compressor for is the most important factor purchasing to buy a compressor. All compressors come with specific warranties to pay for infrequent use for DIY jobs or frequent . Make sure you pick the best compressor for the application.

    2. CFM requirement

    CFM requirement – the only biggest consideration when selecting a compressor. Being aware of what CFM your air compressor has to produce in order to power all your air tools. Find the SCFM element your tool from it’s manual or technical specification.

    3. Selecting a tank size

    With tank sizes ranging from 6 litres to 500 litres+, choosing the perfect capacity air tank / receiver will seriously impact the performance of your respective compressor. To get the minimum tank size the compressor you’ll need multiple your tool’s required SCFM by 6.

    4. Oil-less or oil compressor

    Oil-less compressors are low maintenance and totally free of contaminants. A typical oiled generally compressor will make a larger output and run quieter

    Belt Drive Compressors

    Great for workshop and industrial set ups, these compressors feature anti vibration feet for minimal environmental noise, and enormous receiver (air tank) for robust usage. Whether portable or stationary – electric, petrol or diesel powered, our industrial air compressors allow you to have the choice and control in deciding exactly what your business needs are.

    Direct Drive Compressors

    This range of direct drive compressors is made for home use, hobbyists, and semi-professional applications. Fantastic affordable and ideal for anybody wanting to occasionally work with a compressor.

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