New Halloween Song!!!

Sage Suede – Be My Boo

(Pictured above: Me holding Nolan, the kitty)

This is a fun halloween song. I just kind of threw together some poetic musings from my Halloween experiences and it’s a free download!
I spent more than a few hours on this and actually came up with most of the lyrics and half of the track last year. Then I wanted to finish it this year, so I dedicated a lot of time to improving and polishing it. Listen on SoundCloud and download in my store – NO SECRET CODE REQUIRED!

Listen Here:

Sage Suede – Be My Boo Lyrics

Let’s go to our old haunts
Have us something sweet
Maybe crash a party and
Then go out to eat
You have a nice star sign
Our planets are in sync
I wanna take you out tonight
Already Halloween

I just want you
I just want you
I just want you to be my boo
I just want you
I just want you
I always knew you were ghoul

Haters be sleepin on me
Cause they like my material
Wanna smooth the cover
and find it’s for real

Streets fillin up with
Candy hustlers
Watch your back it’s
Witchin Hour

There’s too many flavors to choose from
And the candy’s so free
Got a sweet tooth
And you’re looking at me

Let’s go to our old haunts
Have us something sweet
Maybe crash a party and
Then go out to eat
You have a nice star sign
Our planets are in sync
I wanna take you out tonight
Already Halloween

I just want you
I just want you
I just want you to be my boo
I just want you
I just want you
I always knew you were ghoul

(candy hustlers)
This candy corn is so hard
Whatever, I’m still gonna eat it
(lookin at me)

At that bougie party
making out in the closet
and even in that room that’s
probably haunted it
ruined your makeup but
we were so lovin
Had a vampire look
rubbed off before morning

Made up my mind
Honey you lookin so fine
Got a wordplay so nice
really brownin my rice
Imma cheese it so good
’til beats bangin in your hood
Won’t be misunderstandin
that we vibin so good

Let’s go to our old haunts
Have us something sweet
Maybe crash a party and
Then go out to eat
You have a nice star sign
Our planets are in sync
I wanna take you out tonight
Already Halloween

I just want you
I just want you
I just want you to be my boo
I just want you
I just want you
I always knew you were ghoul

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Ab Tips by Sage Suede

Twitter said I should give them Ab Tips

When I Was Younger, I Didn’t Have Abs, Because People Don’t Need Them

Ab workouts will help to tone you core, which helps with general movement and heart health. Strong abs can make aerobic exercises easier too, but abs aren’t necessary.
I focused on martial arts and running as my primary forms of exercise when I was younger. Martial arts taught me some ab movements that worked well but I didn’t use them often enough.


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#tbt to when I was a chubby nerd learning to play the clarinet.

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Here’s What Worked For Me

I changed the focus of my workout to problem areas. I noticed that my weight falls a lot in my lower back and ab areas.
I got a gym membership and I have found the ab rotations, crunches and rows to be effective. I won’t specify an amount because it depends on your physiology, but try to do 4 reps for the ab machines and at least a 15 minute row. Aim for a medium rep count on ab sets. I eventually moved up to full weight on ab rotations and about 135 on crunches, but you can probably start with around half your body weight.

My Diet For Abs

When people talk about muscle growth, they emphasize bulking but bulking doesn’t do much for toning and definition. Yoga can help with these things too, if you practice poses like planking. I’ve found the biggest change to be in the way I eat. I started IMF or intermittent fasting a few years ago, so that I can get more done during the workday. I used to eat two meals in the evening and one meal in the morning, now I normally don’t eat until after four and I might just have 1 taco for lunch. In the evening I have 2-2.5 portions of food and I feel better during the day. This won’t work for everyone, because it’s dependent on your body size (adult vs. child, etc) and eating habits. I will still eat a larger lunch sometimes with people.

How Often Should I Go To The Gym?

Your muscles need rest days and you can cycle on body targets, but I have never cared that much. I usually just focus on abs and then arms.
I don’t feel much need for variation but it depends on what you want to go for. I don’t want to be a body builder, I just try to stay fit and this fits my lifestyle.

Protein Powder Warning

For me, I found cutting to be more important than bulking. All of the protein powders I used made me feel bloated all the time, because their main ingredients were things like beans and milk. They have high protein to help with muscle growth, but I also had candida growth as a result of the excess protein. Candida is a naturally occurring yeast in the human intestinal track but it can become overgrown by eating wheat, sugar, or fats. So for some people, candida may cause a lot of bloating and you could try goldenseal extract in water to detox your stomach. I only noticed it because it caused my eyelashes to become irritated and start falling out, then I self-diagnosed with an herbal medicine dictionary.

Don’t Feel Like You Need to Look Like a Magazine

It’s well known that magazines utilize photo editing suites for their productions and you shouldn’t feel like you have to be a different person.

Clothing Giveaways!

The Sage Suede Shop will be holding free giveaways with each new product! Get Fast Pass Access to be considered.
Details will be announced via the exclusive newsletter.

I want to encourage and enable people that follow my online content and I hope that these tips can help y’all!

Let me know if you want to know more ab tips in the comments.



Super Petty is a super hero. He like so totally has immense power at his disposal (sort of like superman), but he is also super petty.

This YouTube comedy series is a super hero parody. He like totally saves tons of lives when he has time but as a super hero, he doesn’t actually have that much time.

He has super speed, but running really fast makes him tired and he has priorities, like looking good on TV when he saves people.

Super Hero or Super Villain?

Super Petty can be a bit problematic and difficult to work with. He has super good social skills and other super talents that should make it easy, but his personality often gets in the way of his crime fighting. He has good intentions and he doesn’t seek to harm anyone but he doesn’t put other people’s needs above his own.

This could be perceived as un-heroic and probably should be, but he isn’t cruel or violent, he is just petty. As such, it can be open to interpretation and sometimes his decisions will result in casualties because he’s too lazy to leave the house. He is frequently in need of mental health rest days and beauty sleep, among other quirky scenarios.

Super Petty includes a cast of kooky characters, including:

    • Hoe Mo’ Sapien – a powerful super hero who describes herself as “mo’ than a hoe” after obtaining super powers in a freak accident
    • Big THOT – a career criminal, most often robbing a bank or doing something else heinous. He might be dating Super Petty, but it’s ambiguous.
    • True Goth – another Sage Suede series where I am a goth. He doesn’t make a full cameo in Super Petty, but in episode 4 he steals Super Petty’s table.
    • “Yo Boy” Tobias – likely a hitman, he performs odd jobs that are perceived by most as unsightly. Super Petty hires him to plant a bug in an antagonist’s salad for “snitching on his secret identity.”
    • Police Officer – tbh I forgot if I gave him a full name yet, but he calls Super Petty to get help with police work. Super Petty likes him a lot, but doesn’t necessarily follow through on all of the favors. Technically, he has an obligation to do something, because he is employed by the city government, but you’ll see how that works out.

Comedic YouTube Skit Series – Watch the First 7 Episodes!

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Voice Acting & Fan Art Submissions

I do all of the characters on this show. I would like to have guests. If you’re interested, please contact

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The Super Petty Theme Song

This song is perfect for Super Petty because it is about butts. Super Petty usually dances while answering his emergency hotline and the song helps set the mood for the conversations afterwards. It’s meant to be silly and not taken too seriously.

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2018 Freebies & Bangers

A picture of me with my friend Simone Riviera

Takin a Sip

You’ll like the smooth synths and the deep bass in ElectroPapi EP. My vocals have improved very noticeably.
On DIAMONDBACK Demo, my vocal style had a lot of variation and my rhythms were mostly metered. I did use off-beat and syncopated rhythms on DIAMONDBACK Demo, but the vocals were intended to be more apathetic than ElectroPapi EP.

I’ve learned a lot more about myself and my limitations. I’ve also been surprised and pleased with how well my musical style is developing.

I’ve been working on Takin a Sip all weekend; it will likely be the third track on ElectroPapi EP.
So far, it seems like the EP will be in English, but I am a polyglot so depends on how my brain is thinking.

New Fan Art by Steven Rowe:

2018 Freebies & Bangers

I decided to give away another free music package in my store. It’s called 2018 Freebies & Bangers and it includes over a dozen tracks. There is music in Russian, Portuguese and English. You can only obtain these free tracks with a secret password from Saucy Posse Fast Pass access (Sign Up Here). I guess you could ask a friend for the password too, but it’s not going to be the only secret password! You can share the sign up link with friends if they ask you for too many passwords.

Get Free Bangers & B Sides:

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Want more free music? You can download the un-mastered version of DIAMONDBACK Demo without a password

Are You a Photographer, Dancer, Model, Videographer or Artist in ATX?

I am always working on new projects and seeking collaborators. You can view my modeling portfolio here.

For modeling, or musical performance inquiries, please contact
For Dancing, Photography, or Videography, please contact

Please note that I have a limited budget and may not have time to respond to all possibilities. I offer TFP and collaborative modeling, in exchange for giving photographers free publicity. This may not be free forever and I also do paid modeling on occasions. At the moment, I offer free publicity for fan art too and if you make any Sage Suede art, please send it to

Sage Suede is a Musician & Model in Austin, Texas

I live in Austin, TX. I have performed more than a few shows, on radio and live, but most of them were in Boston, MA. I moved back to Austin, TX after college without a car and didn’t have transportation for a few months, so I couldn’t continue performing. During that period of time, I decided that I could make higher quality tracks and started ElectroPapi EP in November, 2017. I’m giving everything extra time to get done, since I’m held to the standard of “artists” with 50 people on an album.

That being said, I will be performing again in the next few months. I just want to finish up the EP first, because those tracks are so much better. I really want at least 2 backup dancers, and you can contact me to apply.

I have practiced my club-style dance hybrid thing a lot, so I am better than I used to be. I’m not a pro dancer, but I have done martial arts for years (which is still a form of choreo), ballroom dance and musical theatre. It’s not all relevant but the way my brain remembers the movements, it comes together with a flow to it. I mostly draw from elements of club dancing and try to incorporate other movements. I would want to work with dancers on routines and would also give them independence for soloing on some songs.

I’m uploading DIAMONDBACK Demo (Re-Mastered) to Stores

I had distribution for DIAMONDBACK Demo, but I released all of the tracks un-mastered in May 2017. This was really just because I couldn’t afford mastering and hadn’t found a solution yet. It also didn’t help that I had no idea what I was doing. I’ve made beats since I was in middle school, so it’s been a long time but there are so many audio concepts that I’ve improved since then. I’ve learned a ton about songwriting and my vocal inflection is world’s better. I am so excited to share ElectroPapi EP with y’all!

I will be uploading the re-mastered version of DIAMONDBACK Demo to sites like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify and maybe a few others I’m forgetting. I want the mastered version to be available for streaming because I realize that it is more important than selling albums nowadays. I will still offer it on this site for cheaper, because when you buy my music through any other store, I get a small fraction of the full price. I would rather offer it a little cheaper for people on my site, because then I only lose money to taxes. I may need to raise the price a dollar or 2, but only because I have to pay for the song masters to export as WAVs and I can’t upload MP3s for distribution.

That’s All For Now Folks

I am still working on my logo re-design and things are coming together nicely. I am providing the designer with too much feedback and we are constantly re-making the concept.
I’ve improved a lot at coding too and recently made a lot of stylistic, CSS updates to the website. Leave a comment and let me know how you like my site.

I’m doing my best to get y’all new products soon. After I complete the new logo, I’ll just need to speak with suppliers. Then I’ll be able to put more on the store!

If you haven’t obtained all this free music yet, all you need to do is join Saucy Posse Fast Access. Then you will have the password for this page:

If you like this content, please share! It is so hard to get noticed as an independent musician and this is what I’ve been doing my entire life. It’s just been long enough that I’ve worked to be at this point. Sage Suede is officially registered as an LLC now and I am so happy that everything is coming together. 😀

Get the free download bundle! I know you’ll love what I’m creating next.

  1. Soft Serve Chillin SAGE SUEDE 4:36
  2. On Your Lips SAGE SUEDE 3:59
  3. Short Skirt SAGE SUEDE 3:06
  4. ElectroPapi SAGE SUEDE 4:36
  5. Be my Boo SAGE SUEDE 3:02
  6. Un Photo De Toi Nu SAGE SUEDE 3:02
  7. Lazy Sunday with You (Shaky Lips) SAGE SUEDE 2:03
  8. How Can I SAGE SUEDE 2:23