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A picture of me with my friend Simone Riviera

Takin a Sip

You’ll like the smooth synths and the deep bass in ElectroPapi EP. My vocals have improved very noticeably.
On DIAMONDBACK Demo, my vocal style had a lot of variation and my rhythms were mostly metered. I did use off-beat and syncopated rhythms on DIAMONDBACK Demo, but the vocals were intended to be more apathetic than ElectroPapi EP.

I’ve learned a lot more about myself and my limitations. I’ve also been surprised and pleased with how well my musical style is developing.

I’ve been working on Takin a Sip all weekend; it will likely be the third track on ElectroPapi EP.
So far, it seems like the EP will be in English, but I am a polyglot so depends on how my brain is thinking.

New Fan Art by Steven Rowe:

2018 Freebies & Bangers

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Sage Suede is a Musician & Model in Austin, Texas

I live in Austin, TX. I have performed more than a few shows, on radio and live, but most of them were in Boston, MA. I moved back to Austin, TX after college without a car and didn’t have transportation for a few months, so I couldn’t continue performing. During that period of time, I decided that I could make higher quality tracks and started ElectroPapi EP in November, 2017. I’m giving everything extra time to get done, since I’m held to the standard of “artists” with 50 people on an album.

That being said, I will be performing again in the next few months. I just want to finish up the EP first, because those tracks are so much better. I really want at least 2 backup dancers, and you can contact me to apply.

I have practiced my club-style dance hybrid thing a lot, so I am better than I used to be. I’m not a pro dancer, but I have done martial arts for years (which is still a form of choreo), ballroom dance and musical theatre. It’s not all relevant but the way my brain remembers the movements, it comes together with a flow to it. I mostly draw from elements of club dancing and try to incorporate other movements. I would want to work with dancers on routines and would also give them independence for soloing on some songs.

I’m uploading DIAMONDBACK Demo (Re-Mastered) to Stores

I had distribution for DIAMONDBACK Demo, but I released all of the tracks un-mastered in May 2017. This was really just because I couldn’t afford mastering and hadn’t found a solution yet. It also didn’t help that I had no idea what I was doing. I’ve made beats since I was in middle school, so it’s been a long time but there are so many audio concepts that I’ve improved since then. I’ve learned a ton about songwriting and my vocal inflection is world’s better. I am so excited to share ElectroPapi EP with y’all!

I will be uploading the re-mastered version of DIAMONDBACK Demo to sites like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify and maybe a few others I’m forgetting. I want the mastered version to be available for streaming because I realize that it is more important than selling albums nowadays. I will still offer it on this site for cheaper, because when you buy my music through any other store, I get a small fraction of the full price. I would rather offer it a little cheaper for people on my site, because then I only lose money to taxes. I may need to raise the price a dollar or 2, but only because I have to pay for the song masters to export as WAVs and I can’t upload MP3s for distribution.

That’s All For Now Folks

I am still working on my logo re-design and things are coming together nicely. I am providing the designer with too much feedback and we are constantly re-making the concept.
I’ve improved a lot at coding too and recently made a lot of stylistic, CSS updates to the website. Leave a comment and let me know how you like my site.

I’m doing my best to get y’all new products soon. After I complete the new logo, I’ll just need to speak with suppliers. Then I’ll be able to put more on the store!

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Get the free download bundle! I know you’ll love what I’m creating next.

Shop Sage Suede & ElectroPapi EP

Welcome to my new store Shop Sage Suede!

I will be adding fashion, street wear, music, accessories and other wonderful things to the store. I am currently working with suppliers on setting this up.

ElectroPapi EP

I am working on a new release called ElectroPapi EP. It will be 4-6 tracks and features a futuristic electro-pop sound. I have evolved significantly since DIAMONDBACK Demo, as you can probably tell. When I released DIAMONDBACK, it was just me every step of the way. My music continues to rely solely on my personal growth and my drive to succeed.

I really wouldn’t have been able to make this site without choosing a career in marketing. I have years of experience with designing sites, sending emails and all that jazz from work and that has made all the difference. Because I didn’t have an online presence at the onset, I have had to focus more on the marketing than the music component and there are still outstanding issues with DIAMONDBACK Demo. I released it in all music stores un-mastered, because I didn’t know any better. I used almost no vocal comping, etc..

Check out the mirrored dance video for DIAMONDBACK. I made it of course, with my okay video editing and dancing abilities.

However, My Mistakes Are Good News For You!

I don’t want anyone to pay full price for the demo anymore, especially since I didn’t master it before release. As a result, DIAMONDBACK Demo is 100% free un-mastered through this site. You can also get the mastered version of DIAMONDBACK Demo for only $3 in Shop Sage Suede. I am very generous about sharing with my fans, because your support is very important to me. I am charging $3 for the mastered demo, because it is much cheaper than the un-mastered version and that’s essentially the cost of a single song including tax and yes, the state of Texas is taking a cut of that $3, so I’m not actually earning anything. I was just hoping that I could get enough to cover the mastering fee.

Note: I will be uploading the mastered version of DIAMONDBACK Demo to replace the un-mastered version in other stores.

More About ElectroPapi EP

I am almost done with the first few tracks of my EP. The lead track is called Soft Serve Chillin and you can find the preview below:

Skirt Flirt is another track on the EP, but I haven’t shared a preview yet.
If you dig deep, you can probably find it in one of my recent Live.me streams.

I also shared 2 previews of Takin a Sip (this is the least finished, so it has a lot of potential to change).

Will You Revisit Tracks on DIAMONDBACK Demo?

I haven’t decided if I will remix or re-make any tracks on DIAMONDBACK Demo yet. I am considering doing a new version of Shaky Lips (Lazy Sunday with You). If there is a track that you really love and you would like me to improve on the EP, then please let me know!

I learned a lot from DIAMONDBACK Demo, mostly about audio editing, but also all about sharing my music. It’s not easy at all and it’s really hard to get any support from people.

If you’re someone that really values my work, I highly encourage you to share it! I won’t be able to do touring, until things scale up further. That being said…

Sage Suede Has Grown a Lot.

When I started this website in May 2015, Sage Suede didn’t exist. I didn’t have any music online, except for under a myspace persona called T.D. Maurader (spelling?).  I don’t even remember and it was the name I was calling myself. Before Sage Suede, I also briefly went by the name AJ Bluejay. That’s why you can find an image or two on this site with that name.

I finished DIAMONDBACK Demo in March 2017. In retrospect, it definitely wasn’t finished without mastering, but I had to be thoroughly criticized and maligned to acknowledge that I’m held to a multi-billion dollar industry standard that really isn’t achievable for anyone. I really do mean that, because it’s rare to find independent artists that even make it to my current musical quality, without paying $300/song for each mix and that same price again for every master + 50 other people that make minor edits to all of their tracks. Unfortunately, that’s what people think music is and they laud mega-celebrities to the point of desperation. I wish I could be respected for what I’ve made, but most of the time it’s just a comparison to somebody else.

Since all of that, I now have social media across the internet. I’ve completed a lot more modeling experiences, which is a passion of mine, and I started up my YouTube channel. I really want to help provide people with the cool stuff they’re working on and I’m doing the best I can with what I can afford. I hope that y’all can keep things in perspective, but don’t worry about ElectroPapi EP – it is up to the standards of the music industry, but only because I’ve gotten much better at audio editing, singing, and more! I already have it stuck in my head every day lol.

I’m at ~50K followers now, but I feel like too many of those are for a followback. I wish I had time to look through everyone’s posts, but I don’t and I try my best to be present when I am online (note: if you engage with me, I do my best to look at your profile afterwards ;)). As of late, I’ve been holding off on followbacks because that kind of makes me sad. I try so hard and struggle to get visibility, like the last time I promoted a video on my primary social profiles, it only got 15 more views. That’s awful and it is a trend in social media that it becomes more and more like an advertising platform, as they shift their algorithms to remove all of your friend’s content from your newsfeed. You can blame Facebook for that, because they started it and it’s still happening across social platforms. I’ve never been happy about it as an indie artist.

Anyways, after much self-debate, I have decided to continue following back on Twitter for the time being. My reasoning is that it’s better to have people that follow me for the followback than to lose people that have a genuine interest in my hard work. I would rather followback people that won’t engage than lose out on an opportunity to get to know people that genuinely care. I am not following back on other social platforms because they have low follow limits.

It Was So Hard to Make Everything on This Site

I’ve lost a lot of friends while pursuing these goals. I’ve lost relationships and been berated by others for having an online presence. People used to respect my intelligence more before I got good at styling my hair and I enjoy modeling too. I don’t do this because I’m a narcissist. I don’t need to share my modeling photos and I really don’t need people to acknowledge what I look like. I am working to materialize a goal that I’ve always had and that’s to be a musician full-time. I’ve learned to improve everything at a very fast pace, while constantly being told I’m not good enough, but I know that my main skills are in music. I am a multi-instrumentalist, although I had to focus on the audio production aspects for a while. I didn’t pick up marketing until internships in college and I really learned most of my skills by working (I only took one course in marketing in college). It’s been a really long ride and in many ways, a constant struggle.

I am looking forward to a day when I can be respected for who I am. That might not happen until I die. I don’t really care anymore. I’m tired of people trying to write me off, because they bought into a person that was sold to them for millions of dollars. I don’t have that kind of money and I don’t want to be compared to them. Few of them have any of the skills that I have through working so hard towards my goals. Pretty much everything I do for Sage Suede is outside of my work hours, so it’s like a full-time job and I just want to share my art with people.

I am really excited to share the new store with y’all!

You may or may not know this, but I have good taste in clothes and I am carefully curating every item for the new store. It may not be until next week or so that I get the first new item on the store, but that’s only because I am in the process of re-designing my logo. You will love it, I’m sure. I have design experience but the designer I’m working with is much better than me with illustration and clean images. I want it to be high quality for y’all and I can’t wait for the products to start getting released! In the meantime, you’ll probably start to see some prodfucts without logos.

The style of the new store can be described as street wear that is actually cool. I don’t want to give much detail, because if it’s anything like the last time I got a pair of glasses, 15 people will imitate me the second they see it. I have an innate eye for style that can’t be imitated though and I know that I have a lot to offer the world of fashion. At some point, you will also be able to purchase these products at my concerts.

I look forward to sharing more with everyone! Download the free version of DIAMONDBACK in my store, or help me cover the small fee of getting it mastered. I’ve come a long way since debating my name two years ago and struggling to finish my Demo during college. I am so happy to have you with me on this journey and I hope you’ll check back soon. You can also subscribe to my new email list for access to blog posts and new content one week before everyone else! It’s the tab/pop-up in the bottom right of the screen called Saucy Posse Fast Access.


Gays in Space with Bass

sage suede gays in space jamieson edson sorry I have memory problems

If it isn’t acceptable in the workplace, it shouldn’t be acceptable in our government.

I wrote this post originally because I was inspired by a congressional speech. Regardless of intention, it is delimiting to tell gay people they can’t do something, even if it is something that applies to so few, as colonizing space. This kind of speech creates divisiveness in American society. This divisiveness is a political tool meant to keep us from aligning on collective societal needs, in favor of elitism.

You are most likely a victim of ignorant speech in your life, because everyone has their own views and opinions. We are limited to our experience and inexperience in any given area (such as lifestyle and sexuality) can lead to negative and often, misguided opinions. If you don’t have experience with something, you can express your feelings and opinions, but you have no place as a voice of authority that wastes taxpayer dollars and gains global recognition. Gay people don’t deserve to be delimited with their own taxes and as they have proven themselves to be highly successful in virtually every occupational field, there is no reason to exclude them from anything, such as space colonies.

Homosexuality is Normal. It is Not “Being Normalized.”

Another similar issue, not directly addressed in the speech is labeling homosexuality as unnatural. To say that homosexuality and non-binary gender is a form of mental illness is ignorant of all the love experienced in these relationships and the rights of trans people to do what they want and feel is right with their bodies.

The sheer notion that so-called alternative forms of sexuality are immoral is a bias created and perpetuated by heterosexuals. It is completely heterocentric and very often ignorant to even postulate an awareness, much less an understanding of a sexuality that is not your own. Oftentimes, these aren’t even personal views, they are views established by ideologies at a young age, when people have less capacity to doubt what they are being taught. I don’t have any issue with the idea of religion and I see its value in my life, as well as the lives of those around me, but hatred eats away at the soul and there isn’t a benefit to hating others for the way they love. Love isn’t hurting anyone.

In the political sphere, these feelings only cause harm to queer Americans and when they are expressed by the USA, there are implications for people within the LGBT+ community globally. Ignorant and judgmental people go on to repeat these ideas and it spirals throughout society, causing universal harm. There is no benefit to speaking this way and that is one of the main reasons I wrote this post, so that gay people know that they can be high achievers, regardless of hate speech. Many in the LGBTQIAPK community already are and there is no reason to believe the propaganda of elitists that want everyone but them to fail anyway. Divisiveness primarily exists within politics to marginalize everyone that isn’t a multimillionaire, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Homosexuality Has Never Been a Mental Illness

In the middle ages, homosexuality was considered a form of mental illness and by association a form of demonic possession. In the words of Sigmund Freud, considered by many to be the father of modern psychology…

Homosexuality is assuredly no advantage, but it is nothing to be ashamed of, no vice, no degradation, it cannot be classified as an illness

It’s horrifying to treat non-heterosexual forms of sexuality as a mental illness, because it leads to the drugging, segregation of and extermination of voices in the LGBTQIAPK community. These people are just like anyone else and can come from any part of society and they only differ on the basis of their sexuality. They can have very positive impacts in their community and are pervasive in popular culture. It is tragic that anyone be delimited and destroyed because of who they are, when they have so much to offer the world.

No one really has the right to push their personal beliefs on someone else in the bedroom and it’s impossible to even try in the first place. Although I believe the speaker had good intentions, this kind of power play should have no place in modern American society. It isn’t uncommon for people to discriminate against sexualities that are not their own, but that doesn’t make it right. If anything, it’s sad and pathetic – it makes the person that passes such judgments look awful. It should never be an acceptable form of behavior in politics, because it serves no positive purpose in the world. I shouldn’t need to create alternative messaging, because anti-gay hate speech has no place in politics, after both a liberal and conservative presidency have upheld the rights of homosexuals in the workplace (at the time of the congressional speech, it was only liberal resolutions).

Anti-Gay Hate Speech in Public and Politics

I know that there are others that share his feelings and even in more liberal parts of the United States, such as Boston, anti-gay views are expressed openly. I have seen bigoted waiters speak with customers condescendingly about their disdain for gay marriage and people on the train that cannot accept that others around them are gay. Even if you only have appreciation for a heterosexual lifestyle, you are still hurting yourself by holding onto all of that anger. It will damage your friendships and will bring more toxic people into your life. There is no benefit to you either, when you say bad things about other people purely based on hetero-centric, self-centered & shallow notions that have no basis in reality.

In the modern world we live in, there is an incredible amount of diversity and not only is it rude to discriminate against those of other sexualities, you are creating negative interpretations of heterosexuals by not being accepting of others. Whether or not it’s acknowledged, you are a representative of your personal culture and you don’t want people to hate you based on who you are, so why would you try to impose that treatment on others? Do you think that you will be treated better or worse, as a result of spreading hatred? It’s not a good thing and it doesn’t make your life better. It certainly doesn’t make the world a better place.

You Can’t Stop Anybody From Being in Love

You will never be able to control what other people do in the privacy of their bedrooms and gay couples are going to be together regardless of the petty insecurities of others. Most “homophobes” – an awful term that phonetically gives anti-gay hate speech the excuse of being a phobia- are people with unresolved gay attraction themselves and it does not make you look more masculine to be a douche. No one likes a downer and not only is it counterproductive to your own personal development to negatively fixate on the behavior of others, you are creating more negativity for yourself by being critical of those that don’t value your opinion. No one thinks you are more man, when you sound insecure and spread hate about something you don’t understand.

I am glad that we have free speech in our society but it is time that we acknowledge the negative implications of hate rhetoric in our political system. People should know better than to assert their personal sexuality on others. No one has a position of sexual authority and if you believe that some kind of supreme being created the universe, then they clearly wouldn’t have created homosexuality by mistake.

Homosexuality in Nature – An Extremely Well-Documented Reality

Humans are not the only animals that have homosexual practices, so it’s about time people acknowledge it isn’t unnatural, or obscure behavior. The video below cites that as many as 1,500 species of animals engage in homosexual relations. Ironically, the formerly anti-gay Republican party has the elephant as their symbol, when Asian and African species are known for homosexuality. I’m glad that they are coming around, when their mascot has been gay for centuries in the wild!

Sodom and Gomorrah is About Rape, NOT Homosexual Love

There’s nothing Christian about condemning people for who they are. In general, there’s nothing Christian about condemning anybody, thus the central paradigm of turning the other cheek. “Today, the standard of psychotherapy in the U.S. and Europe is gay affirmative psychotherapy, which encourages gay people to accept their sexual orientation.” In addition, homosexuality hasn’t been considered a mental illness since 1973, a decade known for inequality and later the breakdown of oppression through demonstrations (many influenced by the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr).

In the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19), the travelers are rapists demanding sex from unwilling men that live in the host’s dwelling. We know this because the host is not a pimp and he says: “don’t do anything to these men, for they have come under the protection of my roof.” It’s not consensual or representative of any form of non-heterosexual love when someone runs away from an attacker! I am baffled at how this has been used as a justification for unintelligible, anti-gay propaganda for centuries when it is so mind-numbingly obvious that that men in this story are running away from rapists.

Rape is rape, regardless of the genders involved and it’s time to stop grossly mis-associating and misinterpreting this passage with homosexual love. Gay relationships would not exist, if all queer folk did was rape each other. Rape is not a form of sexuality.

Misplaced hate against the LGBTQIAPK community that is justified as any form of sexual experience that doesn’t breed a child is not only illogical, but hurtful to those that will then be bullied and mistreated by others in their communities. It cannot be justified by Sodom and Gomorrah by any logical stretch of the imagination. You may disagree, but then you’d also have to answer as to why homosexuality exists so prominently in nature, when God played that hand. Ultimately, all of this hate is unjustified and a huge waste of time for people, when they could instead be focusing on their own personal development and releasing anger that only destroys the body internally. Hatred doesn’t have any benefit to anyone.

What I used to think:

It’s stupid and pointless to talk about gay exclusion from space colonies, because we aren’t even colonizing space yet. The closest thing the general public is aware of is inhabitants of the international space station and space exploration.

However, we live in the future:

When I first looked into this congressional speech, I did not know anything about space programs or exopolitics. Since then I have read a lot more and follow several blogs online that claim to speak about secret space programs (SSPs). I take this all with a grain of salt, but still.

I will not pretend to be versed in these matters, but I have learned much more about our origins. I am not the only one, but am simultaneously nowhere near a fringe of society. I am just independent in my beliefs and capable of vetting them through independent research. I mention this now, as I did not think we were colonizing space, but even South Park talks about going to Mars now, so it’s clearly happening. I actually think I read an article about sending people to Venus recently too.

I still believe that gay people are capable of anything and they are high achievers in societies all over the world. For this reason, I don’t see any excuse to keep them from colonizing space. Sexuality may be labeled as one way, but it has always been a spectrum.  There is no reason to demonize homosexuals, because the story of Soddom and Gomorah is about rapists. We should be doing something about sexual slavery, but instead homosexuality is demonized, in order to take the discussion away from real societal problems. If we spent less time hating each other, we would get more done for ourselves and groups that use hate speech as a tactic to prevent progress, wouldn’t be able to do so anymore.

I just hope the gov will realize that people are waking up and if we don’t stay ahead, we will ultimately fall behind. That includes promoting equality so we can spend more time on issues that actually matter.

Sage Suede – Gays in Space

Gays in space
Gays in space
They’ll save the human race
Not second tier
Not breeding fear
Profiting off of hate x2

Love is love
It’s not a front
Still not a stunt
For you to judge
You’re a pervert if you rant
to people how to lay in bed

What is wrong with government
Not fixing what is broken
We need a revolution now
Rich rabble-rousing congress

Gays in space
Gays in space
They’ll save the human race
Not second tier
Not breeding fear
Profiting off of hate x2

The vote is gone
We’re counting wrong
The system’s flawed and not us
We have the tech, no horsemen left
Why electoral college
The money talks
No word for us
The mic was dropped on progress
Why talk about our problems now
When caviar is thoughtless

It’s in the animal kingdom
In bed, there’s still freedom
See it with the kiwis, penguins
I’ve even met gay dogs

Devoted to dumb. It’s not about love; it’s not about gay people at all.
It’s about divided we fall and dividing us when there’s no divide at all.

Only things’s unnatural is being so judgmental
Elephants are gay too, awkward it’s your symbol

How about we actually discuss something real. Not just hate appeals: wasting our time & our taxes.
justifying hate with a rape tale, be real.

Gays in space
Gays in space
They’ll save the human race
Not second tier
Not breeding fear
Profiting off of hate x2

Tell me where the rainbow lies
The gold is where we bridge the lines
Together we have much more
We need democracy, not war

Let’s break down the mindless
The web shows we are righteous

I pity the dividers
Can’t live beyond the blinders

Let freedom ring equal
and count the votes of the people

I hope this post has helped to open your perspective in some way. I was even surprised by some of my research!
Do whatever feels right for you, but it’s generally better to accept that people will do what they want with their bodies. We can’t affect what happens behind closed doors anyway, so there’s no reason to be butthurt about it.

  1. Masterpiece SAGE SUEDE 2:52
  2. Soft Serve Chillin SAGE SUEDE 4:36
  3. Go Down So Smooth SAGE SUEDE 2:08
  4. Caipira com a Bundão SAGE SUEDE 2:56
  5. Sizzle Dee Sipper SAGE SUEDE 1:57
  6. Estoy Caliente SAGE SUEDE 2:57
  7. She Lookin so Fab SAGE SUEDE 3:28
  8. On Your Lips SAGE SUEDE 3:59
  9. ElectroPapi SAGE SUEDE 4:36