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When I Was Younger, I Didn’t Have Abs, Because People Don’t Need Them

Ab workouts will help to tone you core, which helps with general movement and heart health. Strong abs can make aerobic exercises easier too, but abs aren’t necessary.
I focused on martial arts and running as my primary forms of exercise when I was younger. Martial arts taught me some ab movements that worked well but I didn’t use them often enough.


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#tbt to when I was a chubby nerd learning to play the clarinet.

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Here’s What Worked For Me

I changed the focus of my workout to problem areas. I noticed that my weight falls a lot in my lower back and ab areas.
I got a gym membership and I have found the ab rotations, crunches and rows to be effective. I won’t specify an amount because it depends on your physiology, but try to do 4 reps for the ab machines and at least a 15 minute row. Aim for a medium rep count on ab sets. I eventually moved up to full weight on ab rotations and about 135 on crunches, but you can probably start with around half your body weight.

My Diet For Abs

When people talk about muscle growth, they emphasize bulking but bulking doesn’t do much for toning and definition. Yoga can help with these things too, if you practice poses like planking. I’ve found the biggest change to be in the way I eat. I started IMF or intermittent fasting a few years ago, so that I can get more done during the workday. I used to eat two meals in the evening and one meal in the morning, now I normally don’t eat until after four and I might just have 1 taco for lunch. In the evening I have 2-2.5 portions of food and I feel better during the day. This won’t work for everyone, because it’s dependent on your body size (adult vs. child, etc) and eating habits. I will still eat a larger lunch sometimes with people.

How Often Should I Go To The Gym?

Your muscles need rest days and you can cycle on body targets, but I have never cared that much. I usually just focus on abs and then arms.
I don’t feel much need for variation but it depends on what you want to go for. I don’t want to be a body builder, I just try to stay fit and this fits my lifestyle.

Protein Powder Warning

For me, I found cutting to be more important than bulking. All of the protein powders I used made me feel bloated all the time, because their main ingredients were things like beans and milk. They have high protein to help with muscle growth, but I also had candida growth as a result of the excess protein. Candida is a naturally occurring yeast in the human intestinal track but it can become overgrown by eating wheat, sugar, or fats. So for some people, candida may cause a lot of bloating and you could try goldenseal extract in water to detox your stomach. I only noticed it because it caused my eyelashes to become irritated and start falling out, then I self-diagnosed with an herbal medicine dictionary.

Don’t Feel Like You Need to Look Like a Magazine

It’s well known that magazines utilize photo editing suites for their productions and you shouldn’t feel like you have to be a different person.

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I want to encourage and enable people that follow my online content and I hope that these tips can help y’all!

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