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Welcome to my new store Shop Sage Suede!

I will be adding fashion, street wear, music, accessories and other wonderful things to the store. I am currently working with suppliers on setting this up.

ElectroPapi EP

I am working on a new release called ElectroPapi EP. It will be 4-6 tracks and features a futuristic electro-pop sound. I have evolved significantly since DIAMONDBACK Demo, as you can probably tell. When I released DIAMONDBACK, it was just me every step of the way. My music continues to rely solely on my personal growth and my drive to succeed.

I really wouldn’t have been able to make this site without choosing a career in marketing. I have years of experience with designing sites, sending emails and all that jazz from work and that has made all the difference. Because I didn’t have an online presence at the onset, I have had to focus more on the marketing than the music component and there are still outstanding issues with DIAMONDBACK Demo. I released it in all music stores un-mastered, because I didn’t know any better. I used almost no vocal comping, etc..

Check out the mirrored dance video for DIAMONDBACK. I made it of course, with my okay video editing and dancing abilities.

However, My Mistakes Are Good News For You!

I don’t want anyone to pay full price for the demo anymore, especially since I didn’t master it before release. As a result, DIAMONDBACK Demo is 100% free un-mastered through this site. You can also get the mastered version of DIAMONDBACK Demo for only $3 in Shop Sage Suede. I am very generous about sharing with my fans, because your support is very important to me. I am charging $3 for the mastered demo, because it is much cheaper than the un-mastered version and that’s essentially the cost of a single song including tax and yes, the state of Texas is taking a cut of that $3, so I’m not actually earning anything. I was just hoping that I could get enough to cover the mastering fee.

Note: I will be uploading the mastered version of DIAMONDBACK Demo to replace the un-mastered version in other stores.

More About ElectroPapi EP

I am almost done with the first few tracks of my EP. The lead track is called Soft Serve Chillin and you can find the preview below:

Skirt Flirt is another track on the EP, but I haven’t shared a preview yet.
If you dig deep, you can probably find it in one of my recent streams.

I also shared 2 previews of Takin a Sip (this is the least finished, so it has a lot of potential to change).

Will You Revisit Tracks on DIAMONDBACK Demo?

I haven’t decided if I will remix or re-make any tracks on DIAMONDBACK Demo yet. I am considering doing a new version of Shaky Lips (Lazy Sunday with You). If there is a track that you really love and you would like me to improve on the EP, then please let me know!

I learned a lot from DIAMONDBACK Demo, mostly about audio editing, but also all about sharing my music. It’s not easy at all and it’s really hard to get any support from people.

If you’re someone that really values my work, I highly encourage you to share it! I won’t be able to do touring, until things scale up further. That being said…

Sage Suede Has Grown a Lot.

When I started this website in May 2015, Sage Suede didn’t exist. I didn’t have any music online, except for under a myspace persona called T.D. Maurader (spelling?).  I don’t even remember and it was the name I was calling myself. Before Sage Suede, I also briefly went by the name AJ Bluejay. That’s why you can find an image or two on this site with that name.

I finished DIAMONDBACK Demo in March 2017. In retrospect, it definitely wasn’t finished without mastering, but I had to be thoroughly criticized and maligned to acknowledge that I’m held to a multi-billion dollar industry standard that really isn’t achievable for anyone. I really do mean that, because it’s rare to find independent artists that even make it to my current musical quality, without paying $300/song for each mix and that same price again for every master + 50 other people that make minor edits to all of their tracks. Unfortunately, that’s what people think music is and they laud mega-celebrities to the point of desperation. I wish I could be respected for what I’ve made, but most of the time it’s just a comparison to somebody else.

Since all of that, I now have social media across the internet. I’ve completed a lot more modeling experiences, which is a passion of mine, and I started up my YouTube channel. I really want to help provide people with the cool stuff they’re working on and I’m doing the best I can with what I can afford. I hope that y’all can keep things in perspective, but don’t worry about ElectroPapi EP – it is up to the standards of the music industry, but only because I’ve gotten much better at audio editing, singing, and more! I already have it stuck in my head every day lol.

I’m at ~50K followers now, but I feel like too many of those are for a followback. I wish I had time to look through everyone’s posts, but I don’t and I try my best to be present when I am online (note: if you engage with me, I do my best to look at your profile afterwards ;)). As of late, I’ve been holding off on followbacks because that kind of makes me sad. I try so hard and struggle to get visibility, like the last time I promoted a video on my primary social profiles, it only got 15 more views. That’s awful and it is a trend in social media that it becomes more and more like an advertising platform, as they shift their algorithms to remove all of your friend’s content from your newsfeed. You can blame Facebook for that, because they started it and it’s still happening across social platforms. I’ve never been happy about it as an indie artist.

Anyways, after much self-debate, I have decided to continue following back on Twitter for the time being. My reasoning is that it’s better to have people that follow me for the followback than to lose people that have a genuine interest in my hard work. I would rather followback people that won’t engage than lose out on an opportunity to get to know people that genuinely care. I am not following back on other social platforms because they have low follow limits.

It Was So Hard to Make Everything on This Site

I’ve lost a lot of friends while pursuing these goals. I’ve lost relationships and been berated by others for having an online presence. People used to respect my intelligence more before I got good at styling my hair and I enjoy modeling too. I don’t do this because I’m a narcissist. I don’t need to share my modeling photos and I really don’t need people to acknowledge what I look like. I am working to materialize a goal that I’ve always had and that’s to be a musician full-time. I’ve learned to improve everything at a very fast pace, while constantly being told I’m not good enough, but I know that my main skills are in music. I am a multi-instrumentalist, although I had to focus on the audio production aspects for a while. I didn’t pick up marketing until internships in college and I really learned most of my skills by working (I only took one course in marketing in college). It’s been a really long ride and in many ways, a constant struggle.

I am looking forward to a day when I can be respected for who I am. That might not happen until I die. I don’t really care anymore. I’m tired of people trying to write me off, because they bought into a person that was sold to them for millions of dollars. I don’t have that kind of money and I don’t want to be compared to them. Few of them have any of the skills that I have through working so hard towards my goals. Pretty much everything I do for Sage Suede is outside of my work hours, so it’s like a full-time job and I just want to share my art with people.

I am really excited to share the new store with y’all!

You may or may not know this, but I have good taste in clothes and I am carefully curating every item for the new store. It may not be until next week or so that I get the first new item on the store, but that’s only because I am in the process of re-designing my logo. You will love it, I’m sure. I have design experience but the designer I’m working with is much better than me with illustration and clean images. I want it to be high quality for y’all and I can’t wait for the products to start getting released! In the meantime, you’ll probably start to see some prodfucts without logos.

The style of the new store can be described as street wear that is actually cool. I don’t want to give much detail, because if it’s anything like the last time I got a pair of glasses, 15 people will imitate me the second they see it. I have an innate eye for style that can’t be imitated though and I know that I have a lot to offer the world of fashion. At some point, you will also be able to purchase these products at my concerts.

I look forward to sharing more with everyone! Download the free version of DIAMONDBACK in my store, or help me cover the small fee of getting it mastered. I’ve come a long way since debating my name two years ago and struggling to finish my Demo during college. I am so happy to have you with me on this journey and I hope you’ll check back soon. You can also subscribe to my new email list for access to blog posts and new content one week before everyone else! It’s the tab/pop-up in the bottom right of the screen called Saucy Posse Fast Access.


How Can I

How Can I call you my lover Sage Suede

How Can I is A Song About Millennial Dating

Nowadays, most people meet through dating apps and it is great to meet someone worthwhile, but oftentimes they are already talking to other people before they even meet you. So it’s optimistic to even expect dating to go anywhere when you meet someone from an app.

Why is it Optimistic?

Unfortunately, dating apps make everyone a commodity. No matter how attractive you are, it just takes a few more swipes to meet someone else.

Tip: Try To Ask Your Date About Their Dating Life

If you talk with someone and they are an honest person, they should tell you where you stand. They should also give you an idea of whether or not they are seeing multiple people, or have already met someone before you. It can feel deceptive when someone is dating others, but keep in mind that you may not be at the exclusive phase yet. They could also be polyamorous and if that’s the case, then you need to be okay with it for your relationship to work. I have had people break up with me because I’m not polyamorous and that doesn’t offend me. They just wanted something that I couldn’t give them. This song isn’t really that relevant to polyamory, unless you are speaking in terms of someone that isn’t ready to date you at all.

Modern Dating Sometimes Has a Longer Dating Phase

I have met couples that were married after one or two weeks of dating. They are a bit older than me, so I presume that it is a generational difference, however that can also be the case when you meet someone that is just right for you. However, with all of these apps and fewer societal obligations to get married, many people of younger generations are waiting longer to get married. As a result, the dating phase can last much longer than expected.

You won’t get to be exclusive with people as quickly as in the past. It’s also not nearly as easy, when they can search for others on the internet and that is the premise of this song.

How can you even call someone a lover, if they are unwilling to settle down with you?

That question is much longer than How Can I, which also evokes a lack of the ability to put this meaning into words.

It’s Hard to Find Consistency in Your Teens and Early Twenties

However, as many people get older, there is more desire to settle down. It’s nothing to get worked up about, because it won’t get you anywhere. Most people don’t know what they want at a young age and they can’t even identify what they need in a partner. Just be clear with your partner when you would like to be exclusive and don’t try to change who they are.

dating advice sage suede

Sometimes, you can get someone to be exclusive with you rather quickly, but usually it takes at least a few dates and several weeks. Since I’m talking about this concept, I would also like to mention that you don’t want to tell someone you love them too early on, because it makes you seem desperate. Sometimes this can be have poor consequences, early in a relationship.

You really can’t put a time frame on when it’s okay to say “I love you,” but if I ventured a wild guess I would say 3 months. You really need to read your partner’s body language though and if you feel that close to them, they may be in a similar place.

Musical Composition of How Can I

This song is written with an alternative rock feeling to it. It is most similar in style to Cleopatra on DIAMONDBACK Demo. It also features a drum machine and electric guitar. I would like to get a higher quality guitar pedal in the future, so the distortion is a little more clear. This was another step in the right direction for me, as the songwriting process taught me more about rock vocals and what I want to sound like.

How Can I lyrics by Sage Suede

I was looking at the moon
la lune
and she says be there soon
shut in like a coccoon
too dark to go and fly
rubberneck dirt road
killing my flow
not sure
how to cope
when it’s just picking up a fight
a girl just like any other

How can I call you my lover
when we still want another
hand and hand but wondering
why do we even bother
perfect is a dirty word
don’t think I have ever heard
a single lie just quite as dry
but loving you feels just right

I was walking down the street
you’d speak
beautiful words muttered
under your breath
confess to me
through my window shutters
seen so many details of so many females
like to hear her tale
read her like an email
must be like a single light
a spark that struck me just right

How can I call you my lover
when we still want another
hand and hand but wondering
why do we even bother
perfect is a dirty word
don’t think I have ever heard
a single lie just quite as dry
but loving you feels just right

but you cast your spell
I wanted to see it through
you rang the bell
and my pride fell
I’ll come crawling
back to you
warm fuzzy full it’s like
orange fills my soul
this light
could keep me there
could make me stare
into your eyes
and kiss you tonight

How can I call you my lover
when we still want another
hand and hand but wondering
why do we even bother
perfect is a dirty word
don’t think I have ever heard
a single lie just quite as dry
but loving you feels just right

Thanks for visiting my site! Photos for this post are by Adam Perri and  you can find more on my modeling portfolio.
I am now located in Austin, TX and available for modeling opportunities.

BIG Cats Out There Are Loving This

Sage Suede – BIG Cats Out There Are Loving This

I used to have a page on this site for submissions and feedback, but I took it down because it wasn’t too useful. I’ll probably create something else like it for collaborations and to submit fan art, since the email submission is a little more difficult. While I was asking people for song concepts, one of my friends requested “more smoked salmon,” so I incorporated it in the lyrics of this song. I didn’t want to turn down that challenge and I thought that it would be fun.

What is Smoked Salmon in This Song?

Smoked salmon is used as a metaphor for something showy and wealth-related. When you think about this song, you can essentially picture fat cats in suits eating salmon. I don’t even really like the taste of salmon that much, although I admire their upstream resilience.

Additional Meaning Behind This Song

I believe that it helps to put energy out into the world in a way you would like things to be. Whether or not you believe that is effective, it still helps to align your mentality with your personal goals. The lyrics in this song are written so that if you repeat them, they will bring more money into your life.

WARNING: Cats can become addicted to Salmon

When I wrote this song, I’d never looked into the details of how cats can eat salmon and just assumed that since cats eat fish sometimes, that it was totally cool. Turns out that they aren’t supposed to eat it often, because salmon lacks vital nutrients and it’s better not to feed them much raw fish, because it can be poisonous. It is better to cook the salmon first and the reason it shouldn’t be smoked is related to the curing process, as they can’t take much salt.

So I guess smoked salmon would be fine if you don’t use much salt but the conventional method of smoking salmon is not cool for cats. I wasn’t a cat owner when I made this and I really made it flippantly, without much purpose. It’s pretty silly and fun, so there isn’t any reason to take it that seriously – but I had to include this disclosure for any cat owners. Also, they can become addicted to salmon and refuse to eat anything other than salmon, so definitely don’t give them a lot. I have heard cats will do this with a bunch of stuff though. When I wrote these lyrics, I had no idea that cats have such delicate salmon-related sensibilities. lol

Sage Suede – Big Cats Out There Are Loving This Lyrics

And you never gave me credit
Because you never read it
I thrifted half my wardrobe
Other gifts from globe trekkers

meditating on the daily
And making my payments
Working hard, making statements
Looking for cheaper rent

And you never gave me credit
Because you never read it
I thrifted half my wardrobe
Sphinxes have me in the mix

I’m floating freely,
rhyming slant
Being my hottest
Like salmon swimming upstream
Being my baddest

I’m upping my own level
each and every day
I like people that vibe with me…

Been years since smoked salmon
Big cats out there are loving this
Turn your 3rd eye on me,
And make me rich

Thanks for visiting, I am working on tuning up Diamondback and re-recording tracks. You can also find me on my other social media profiles.

  1. Soft Serve Chillin SAGE SUEDE 4:36
  2. On Your Lips SAGE SUEDE 3:59
  3. Short Skirt SAGE SUEDE 3:06
  4. ElectroPapi SAGE SUEDE 4:36
  5. Be my Boo SAGE SUEDE 3:02
  6. Un Photo De Toi Nu SAGE SUEDE 3:02
  7. Lazy Sunday with You (Shaky Lips) SAGE SUEDE 2:03
  8. How Can I SAGE SUEDE 2:23