Un Photo de Toi Nu

Recap for new visitors: I started my website in 2015 and released DIAMONDBACK Demo in 2017. DIAMONDBACK Demo was recorded in Northeastern’s Snell Library and with an iPhone, while I attended classes full time. Later, I released a compilation of free tracks on my website called 2018 Freebies Bangers. It changes languages a few times. I’m a polyglot, so I change my mind a lot lol.

I released RAWR mixtape for streaming in January 2019 and I have a great EP coming in May (but more on that later).

Un Photo de Toi Nu is track #4 on RAWR – pick your streaming for the full mixtape: https://artist.landr.com/music/628810098156.

“I didn’t speak French when I wrote Un Photo de Toi Nu”

I wanted to talk about this song because I think it’s fun and quirky. I didn’t spend too much time on it, so it has a carefree vibe to it. I used a drum machine that hyped that low sounds, then I used my microkorg for higher pitches. I also recorded guitar. I want my music to have it’s own unique sound and as a result, I have trouble keeping my sound in one genre lol.

Lately, I have been forming my sound. ElectroPapi EP will be a great
representation of that and I love hearing the more experimental electro alt pop on RAWR mixtape.

“So how did you write it?”

I didn’t speak French back then, but I understood most of written French from romance languages. I was talking to a follower on Twitter in France and they kept asking me for nudes. I said no, because my artistry is too important for me to be doing that, but they still insisted.

I didn’t want them to be upset and I liked the way some of their French messages sounded. “This is kind of cute,” I thought, “I could make this a song.” I added a few lines with Google Translate and now that I am learning a little French from a Scottish podcast, I feel a little embarrassed with just a tad bit of the pronunciation (mostly just when I say “le”). My French followers seem to enjoy this song though. It is quirky and has that je ne sais pas.

As a polyglot, I find it very interesting that the lyrics of Un Photo de Toi Nu sound cute in French, but are more practical with an English connotation. You need look no further than the title of the song than to understand this.

Un Photo de Toi Nu = Nudes (nude photos)

So like it sounds way cuter in French to ask someone for nudes. Next time you hit up your crush, try sending them this song 😉

Streaming for RAWR Mixtape: https://artist.landr.com/music/628810098156
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Meet My New Cats

Toilet Kitties Ahoy: please close the lid after each use, or they will drink & bathe in the water.

My Two New Kittens – Nolan & Ryan

You may have noticed 2 kitties on my instagram feed, any of my other social media, or my Free Halloween Single. They were named after the baseball player Ryan Nolan, by a previous owner. She had to give them away, while undergoing cancer treatment. I found them in a PetSmart and they were super sweet towards me and one of my best friends, so I decided to get them. I am happy to have found such great cats, even though the adoption process was difficult.

I Avoided The Hardest Kitty Phases

By getting cats that were already 7 months old, I didn’t have to train them as much. Kittens meow much more often than adult cats and they are basically teenagers now, at about 10 months old. They were already litter box trained, when I got them.

Click on the image above.i


Cats Want To Be Loved & A Part of The Pride

They don’t ask me for all that much. I try to play with them sometimes, but since I have two cats, they will usually play-fight when I am busy. Most of the time, they just want to be able to snuggle for a little bit. One of them values having his tail stroked more than anything else and the other one wants to lick my neck and ears. They both have different personalities and your cat may want something different. Some cats will never want to cuddle, while others will want it all the time. Oftentimes, mine will meow if I am behind a closed door for a few minutes. They want to feel included and loved, so even just taking a nap with them nearby is enough for them to be happy.


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This #cutie stole my heart but I need to trim his claws

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New Music Coming Soon!

The first track on ElectroPapi EP mentions my kittens, so I felt like I should tell you more about them. The first 4 tracks are almost done, so I am planning to release my EP in early 2019.



Super Petty is a super hero. He like so totally has immense power at his disposal (sort of like superman), but he is also super petty.

This YouTube comedy series is a super hero parody. He like totally saves tons of lives when he has time but as a super hero, he doesn’t actually have that much time.

He has super speed, but running really fast makes him tired and he has priorities, like looking good on TV when he saves people.

Super Hero or Super Villain?

Super Petty can be a bit problematic and difficult to work with. He has super good social skills and other super talents that should make it easy, but his personality often gets in the way of his crime fighting. He has good intentions and he doesn’t seek to harm anyone but he doesn’t put other people’s needs above his own.

This could be perceived as un-heroic and probably should be, but he isn’t cruel or violent, he is just petty. As such, it can be open to interpretation and sometimes his decisions will result in casualties because he’s too lazy to leave the house. He is frequently in need of mental health rest days and beauty sleep, among other quirky scenarios.

Super Petty includes a cast of kooky characters, including:

    • Hoe Mo’ Sapien – a powerful super hero who describes herself as “mo’ than a hoe” after obtaining super powers in a freak accident
    • Big THOT – a career criminal, most often robbing a bank or doing something else heinous. He might be dating Super Petty, but it’s ambiguous.
    • True Goth – another Sage Suede series where I am a goth. He doesn’t make a full cameo in Super Petty, but in episode 4 he steals Super Petty’s table.
    • “Yo Boy” Tobias – likely a hitman, he performs odd jobs that are perceived by most as unsightly. Super Petty hires him to plant a bug in an antagonist’s salad for “snitching on his secret identity.”
    • Police Officer – tbh I forgot if I gave him a full name yet, but he calls Super Petty to get help with police work. Super Petty likes him a lot, but doesn’t necessarily follow through on all of the favors. Technically, he has an obligation to do something, because he is employed by the city government, but you’ll see how that works out.

Comedic YouTube Skit Series – Watch the First 7 Episodes!

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You can still send art for my Fan Art page – Submit art to FanArt@SageSuede.com.

The Super Petty Theme Song

This song is perfect for Super Petty because it is about butts. Super Petty usually dances while answering his emergency hotline and the song helps set the mood for the conversations afterwards. It’s meant to be silly and not taken too seriously.

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Fort Point Open Mic Night

fort point open mic night sage suede

Fort Point Open Mic Night

I finished editing an acoustic performance from Fort Point Open Mic Night at Internal Matter. The editing isn’t particularly good, because well, there isn’t much you can do about low quality video. I was having issues with the MTS file format but I found a workaround.

Performance at Internal Matter

I enjoyed playing at Internal Matter and would love to play there again. Unfortunately, this bar isn’t around anymore. I had to leave after performing and eating, because I had a final exam the next day and I needed to study. I wish I’d had more time to talk with the cool artists and locals in attendance. People seemed genuinely interested in meeting me and I should have stuck around. Nonetheless, I enjoyed playing at Internal Matter and am hoping to play more open mics in Boston when I finish DIAMONDBACK Demo.

I Used To Work in Fort Point

I was particularly happy about being a part of Fort Point Open Mic Night, because I used to work for a small business in the area and was personally involved in helping to market and grow the community. It’s a little too expensive for me to move there, but I really liked the environment. I have met more than a few of the business owners in the area and they were all very kind. I even went to business meetings at the Boston Tea Party Museum and Menton, which were both really cool. I miss that internship a lot, actually. I learned a lot about building websites and many of the skills that aided me in creating this blog.

Lindsay was especially helpful as hostess and an organizer for the event. You can find more about her work on her website baernaeked.com (I am not sure if this site exists anymore, because I’m getting a DNS error). I was also excited to see the video was re-posted by The Fort Pointer. Kind of a random thing if you don’t know who that is, but they are probably the most famous person in Fort Point.

Changes to the Songs in this Performance

Mob Mentality

I made improvements to the first song, which I was going to call Mob Mentality so it will sound different in newer versions. This is just because of some of the unintended connotations of a few metaphors and other improvements, based on further revision. I don’t think I have another recording of that song yet.

Just Got Tipsy

I partially wrote Just Got Tipsy, because I knew I would be singing while people were drinking, although it also vaguely describes my life in Boston and materialism. I only changed the final phrase in this song. Just Got Tipsy is also a track on 2018 Freebies & Bangers.

Sexy in that Sweater

I recorded Sexy in that Sweater as it is performed here. Didn’t actually make many changes to this, except for the vocal effects I used on some versions of the song.

Lazy Sunday with You (Shaky Lips)

The last song I performed was Lazy Sunday with You, although the recording was cut short so you won’t hear it in this video. A little weird without the finality of this set, but you can find that song elsewhere on the site now. Disappointing, because that was also the most well-received song in the set and it got a lot of applause.

Quality Doesn’t Phase Me

I recorded this performance and wish the audio could have been a little better, but I still enjoyed it a lot. The quality doesn’t stop it from being enjoyable and I hope that my real fans will still take some time to give it a listen. I know it’s hard to hear me, since this was recorded with a camcorder, and an iphone when the camcorder died on the last track. In the future, I want to pick up audio near the stage. This was my first live performance of my original material, so it was important to me.

As a random tidbit, I got a skateboard shortly after this show from a cool brand called One Gig and carried that around town. They were really nice and I like their design, so I definitely recommend them. At the time, I had still only played one gig and I think it’s cool that it says that on my board.

Update: I also modeled for One Gig soon after. Find it on my modeling portfolio.

Sexy in That Sweater

Sage Suede - Sexy in That Sweater

I’m Just Getting Started:

I recorded Sexy in That Sweater a few months ago and posted the video on YouTube. I received a few requests for airplay by radio stations through YouTube, but idk how genuine those were. One of them was in Italy, I think… Anyways, It’s been a difficult process establishing this site and music, but I still have a lot to learn about music promotion before anyone will really hear what I have made.

Today, I revisited the song Sexy in that Sweater and made a lot of improvements. The version from DIAMONDBACK Demo is below, followed by the lyrics and the first video version. If you think it’s cool, let me know and I’ll head further in this direction for the future.

The Meaning Behind Sexy in that Sweater:

This song is about one of my best friends in high school. She is very intelligent and we had a lot of deep conversations together. When I talk about the sweater, it’s because she loves sweaters and it’s also a metaphor because the mental side of her was so beautiful, that we didn’t need that physical side. I know it may sound a little odd and some douchey guy will probably say something half-minded about my interest in women, but that isn’t why I wrote this. She is beautiful and there may have been some of that physicality, but I wrote this out of genuine appreciation for someone special to me. She loves sweaters, so that was metaphorically the best way for me to show that appreciation for her in words. I want to think that wherever she is today, she is wearing a sweater and enjoying being in that sweater. She got me into sweaters too tbh, we thrifted for them at Goodwill all the time.

When I talk about being empty and hurt in the lyrics, that is more about me and the place I was at when I wrote the song. I don’t even feel like that was the place I was at, when I knew her better. She is such a cool person and I never did anything to make her that way. We weren’t able to stay friends due to unusual circumstances, but if she ever finds this some day, I want her to know that I will always cherish the time we spent together. I may talk about my hurt in this song, but that is because I miss what we used to share. I’m sure she is even cooler now, than she was when I knew her. Who knows? Maybe some day we will be cool again.

Sage Suede – Sexy in that Sweater:

You look sexy in that sweater
I can’t bear to think how better
you made me feel such pleasure
now never take it off
please don’t take it off

we were made to be together
but we both got tanned to leather
I’m still pushing out the tannins
I’m freshly squeezed for you
but we can’t be cool.
close the blinds, the dreamy lights
convoluted things tonight
say a prayer, I want you here
but I’m not ready for a fight

shut me up, I never knew
how to be whole for you
we were both empty vessels
.. and we’re still empty
You look sexy in that sweater
I can’t bear to think how better
you made me feel such pleasure
now never take it off
please don’t take it off

we were made to be together
but we both got tanned to leather
I’m still pushing out the tannins
I’m freshly squeezed for you
but we can’t be cool.
dead living, I’m so stuck
a haunted groom, made to be cellar dweller
shut out by all the fools
we could’ve made failure out of their cruel rules
but now we’re living on the tightrope
and I’m trip tripped up over you
somehow I still shudder
It’s not my brain or the shame
It’s my memories of you
You look sexy in that sweater
I can’t bear to think how better
you made me feel such pleasure
now never take it off
please don’t take it off

we were made to be together
but we both got tanned to leather
I’m still pushing out the tannins
I’m freshly squeezed for you
but we can’t be cool.

Sage Suede – Sexy in That Sweater (older video version)

Note: I cut out a verse since the YouTube video and play it a lot faster now… Anyways, it’s gonna be on DIAMONDBACK Demo soon. Thanks for visiting! 😀

  1. 01 - Bird Girl 2:51
  2. 02 - Cleopatra (snake queen) 2:34
  3. 03 - How Can I 2:23
  4. 04 - Un Photo De Toi Nu 3:02
  5. 05 - Sexy in that Sweater 2:22
  6. 06 - Lazy Sunday with You (Shaky Lips) 2:03
  7. 07 - It's Alright (Fall in Love Again) 3:53
  8. 08 - Uh Huh 2:48
  9. 09 - Bring my Diamondback 3:39